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Jinwook Lee, In-Kyu Kang, Jacqueline F. Nock, and Christopher B. Watkins

internal ethylene concentrations (IECs), chlorophyll content (in terms of I AD values), and starch hydrolysis of ‘Gala’ apples ( Doerflinger et al., 2015a ). Preharvest 1-MCP applications reduced the incidences of soft scald and soggy breakdown in

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Jennifer R. DeEll, Jennifer T. Ayres, and Dennis P. Murr

. Mattheis, J.P. 2001 1-Methylcyclopropene and storage temperature influence responses of ‘Gala’ apple fruit to gamma irradiation Postharvest Biol. Technol. 23 143 151 Fan, X. Mattheis, J.P. Blankenship, S. 1999b Development of apple superficial scald, soft

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Maude Lachapelle, Gaétan Bourgeois, Jennifer R. DeEll, Katrine A. Stewart, and Philippe Séguin

soft scald in ‘Honeycrisp’ apples during storage HortScience 453 414 417 Dilley, C.L. Dilley, D.R. 1985 New technology for analysing ethylene and determining the onset of the ethylene climacteric of apples. In: S.M. Blankenship (ed.) Controlled

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Elena de Castro, Bill Biasi, Elizabeth Mitcham, Stuart Tustin, David Tanner, and Jennifer Jobling

commercially to inhibit storage scald in apples ( Lau, 1990 ), markedly reduced both external and internal browning from CO 2 injuries in some apple cultivars ( Fernández-Trujillo et al., 2001 ; Watkins et al., 1997 ). Delaying the establishment of CA has

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C.B. Watkins and F.W. Liu

), but this injury is usually prevented by treatment of fruit with diphenylamine (DPA), an antioxidant used for control of superficial scald, or by use of low pCO 2 injury in the storage atmosphere ( Burmeister and Dilley, 1995 ; Watkins et al., 1997

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Bradley J. Rickard, David R. Rudell, and Christopher B. Watkins

include superficial scald for ‘Granny Smith’, soft scald for ‘Honeycrisp’, external CO 2 injury for ‘Empire’, and firm-flesh browning for ‘Empire’ (see illustrations in Supplemental Fig. 1 ). Biomarker technologies have the capacity to be a revenue

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Richard P. Marini, Tara Auxt Baugher, Megan Muehlbauer, Sherif Sherif, Robert Crassweller, and James R. Schupp

most severe in early picked fruit ( Perring, 1986 ). We found this to be the case for ‘Honeycrisp’ in a preliminary experiment. Al Shoffe et al. (2016 , 2020 ) recently discussed the development of bitter pit and soft scald during storage for

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Don C. Elfving, Stephen R. Drake, A. Nathan Reed, and Dwayne B. Visser

-methylcyclopropene and methyl jasmonate on apple volatile production J. Agr. Food Chem. 47 2847 2853 Fan, X.T. Mattheis, J.P. 1999b Development of apple superficial scald, soft scald, core flush, and greasiness is reduced by

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after harvest prior to cold storage, has been inconsistent in preventing soft scald and soggy breakdown in ‘Honeycrisp’ apples. Fruit were harvested when starch index was 4.4, and a week later when starch index was 6.8, on a scale from 1 to 8

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Hiroshi Iwanami, Shigeki Moriya, Nobuhiro Kotoda, Sae Takahashi, and Kazuyuki Abe

conditions, the cultivar is determined to have a hard fruit after cold storage, although the value of the firmness cannot be predicted. Incidence of physiological disorders such as low-temperature breakdown, soft scald, and soggy breakdown, which are