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Alisha L. Ruple, John R. Clark, and M. Elena Garcia

pollination treatments were applied to floricane flowers in Spring 2008: 1) undisturbed open; 2) emasculated self; 3) emasculated and cross-pollinated with pollen from a similar fruiting type (PF × PF, FF × FF); and 4) emasculated and cross-pollinated with

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Shengrui Yao, Junxin Huang, and Robert Heyduck

half of them were randomly chosen for bagging on 6–7 June 2012, 8–10 June 2013, and 22–25 June 2014, whereas the other half were left for open pollination without bagging. For those bagged branches, cultivar was self-pollinated naturally without any

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Anna K. Kirk and Rufus Isaacs

when pollinated and the resulting fruit set for individual flowers, 10 bushes of each of the five cultivars were maintained at greenhouse temperatures of 15 ± 5 °C. To begin, all open flowers were removed from each bush. Each day, newly opened flowers

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Geoffrey C. Denny, Michael A. Arnold, and Wayne A. Mackay

and to evaluate provenances in an effort to select those that could yield individuals that are most adaptable/tolerant to this environmental stress. Materials and Methods Fourteen open-pollinated families of Taxodium distichum were collected in

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Shirley Miller, Peter Alspach, Jessica Scalzo, and John Meekings

first questions from a home gardener is whether the plant is self-fertile and can be planted as a single specimen. ‘Hortblue Petite’ is a compact, small-statured highbush blueberry cultivar, no more than 1.5 m in height. It was selected from open-pollinated

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Ashley K. Brantley, James D. Spiers, Andrew B. Thompson, James A. Pitts, J. Raymond Kessler Jr., Amy N. Wright, and Elina D. Coneva

5 of bud development. These flower buds were then covered with wax paper bags (10.2 × 26.2 cm) (336; Lawson Bag Co., Inc., Northfield, IL) to prevent open pollination. Parallel slits had been cut in the top of these bags so that the bag could pass

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Yu-Chun Chu, Tzong-Shyan Lin, and Jer-Chia Chang

trees, clusters, flowers, and fruit numbers for ‘73-S-20’ litchi used in this study. Hand and open pollination. Six trees were randomly selected for each treatment, and five to six inflorescences/tree were pollinated ( Table 1 ). Each inflorescence was

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Roberto Hauagge and James N. Cummins

Abbreviations: CR, chilling requirement; CU, chill unit; GDH, growing degree hours; H 2 , heritability; I 50 , index of bud activity; OP, open-pollinated. 1 Present address: IAPAR-lnstituto Agronômico do Paraná, P.O. Box 2301, Curitiba, PR, Brazil

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Elliot H. Norden, Paul M. Lyrene, and Jose X. Chaparro

placed outside for open pollination in a potted Vaccinium nursery containing numerous plants of diploid V. darrowii , diploid V. elliottii , and tetraploid highbush cultivars, flowered heavily but produced only a few berries, all of which were

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Paul M. Lyrene

eventually flowered, but produced no berries. Diploid hybrids between V. darrowii and V. arboreum (section Batodendron ), planted in the same field, were far more vigorous and produced a small amount of viable seed after open pollination in the presence