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Dafna Langgut

with the other three species which are used in the Feast of Tabernacles. Note that according to Bar-Joseph (1996) , the citron shows malformation symptom similar to those caused by viroid disease. Photograph by Clara Amit was made available thanks to

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Wei Zhou, Xiaoming Wang, Jianhua Chen, Liangming Chen, Zhongquan Qiao, and Huijie Zeng

malformation or an absence of egg cells, synergid cells, or polar nuclei; the presence of only a developed integument; undeveloped nucellus tissue; and no mature embryo sac. Therefore, double fertilization does not result in the formation of the embryo and

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Timothy K. Broschat

United States are deficient in one or more elements. These deficiencies result in chlorosis, necrosis, or malformation of leaves; reduction in canopy size (number of leaves supported by the palm); trunk tapering or bending; and even death of the entire

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Yong Ha Rhie, Seonghwan Kang, and Jongyun Kim

. Kofidis, G. Bosabalidis, A. Nastou, A. 2002 Water stress affects leaf anatomy, gas exchange, water relations and growth of two avocado cultivars Scientia Hort. 95 39 50 Chimonidou-Pavlidou, D. 2004 Malformation of roses due to drought stress Scientia Hort

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Ockert Greyvenstein, Brent Pemberton, Terri Starman, Genhua Niu, and David Byrne

roses in a hot humid climate Acta Hort. 870 115 120 Chimonidou-Pavlidou, D. 2004 Malformation of roses due to drought stress Sci. Hort. 99 79 87 Dela, G. Or, E. Ovadia, R. Nissim-Levi, A. Weiss, D. Oren-Shamir, M. 2003 Changes in anthocyanin

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Alexander D. Pavlista, Gary Hergert, Dipak K. Santra, and James A. Schild

. Emergence and seedling malformation were determined at 28 DAP in 2005. The height of the first and second trifoliolate nodes and the distance of the distal tip of the lowest pod aboveground ( Fig. 1 ) were measured at 72, 75, and 99 DAP in 2005, 2006, and

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Monica Ozores-Hampton, K.E. Cushman, F. Roka, and R.D. French-Monar

condition involving malformation and scarring of fruit particularly at blossom ends, was also significantly increased by wind and wind-with-sand treatment each year. The objectives of this study were to 1) describe damage to tomato plants and field plantings

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Amanda Bayer

. 17 Oct. 2019. < > Chimonidou-Pavlidou, D. 2004 Malformation of roses due to drought stress Scientia Hort. 99 79 87 Eaton, G.K. Appleton, B.L 2014 Getting started in the nursery business: Nursery production

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Donnie K. Miller, Thomas M. Batts, Josh T. Copes, and David C. Blouin

of harvest storage roots indicated very minimal malformation or consistently “smaller” storage roots within each yield grade in the current research. Also early season visual injury rating differences between 2,4-D and dicamba, where the latter

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Alicain S. Carlson and John M. Dole

length in the warmest production temperature. In addition, the shortened stem lengths were not significant enough to affect marketability, which was defined as having a stem length of at least 30 cm and no malformations. While it is beneficial to have cut