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Paige L. Herring, Abbey C. Noah, and Helen T. Kraus

seeds of each species per cell. Trays were randomized in the greenhouse (85/65 °F day/night) with natural irradiance and photoperiod under fog (CoolNet Pro Fogger 0303420LL-B; M.L. Irrigation System; Laurens, SC) applied for 8 s every 8 min for

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E. Barclay Poling

service to determine whether conditions are favorable for hoar frost. The DP is defined as the temperature at which water vapor in the air becomes saturated and then condenses as dew, fog, or frost ( Westwood, 1978 ). A relatively high DP indicates that

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Lucas McCartney and Mark Lefsrud

spring. When frost events are inevitable, programs are employed to conserve heat, to add heat, or to circulate air to dissipate temperature inversions. Active methods include crop covers, heaters, wind machines, helicopters, foggers, and irrigation

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Shigeoki Moritani, Hirotada Nanjo, Atsushi Itou, and Teruki Imai

electricity and groundwater ( Kumar et al., 2009 ; Sethi and Sharma, 2007 ). Conventional greenhouse cooling techniques typically use fog or pad and fans in conjunction with natural or mechanical ventilation and shade screens ( Ahemd et al., 2016 ). Although

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Carlos De la Cuadra, Alexis K. Vidal, and Leví M. Mansur

Mediterranean-type ecosystems Ann. Bot. (Lond.) 111 361 373 Cereceda, P. Larraín, H. Osses, P. Farías, M. Egaña, I. 2008 The climate of the coast and fog zone in the Tarapacá region, Atacama Desert, Chile Atmos. Res. 87 3 301 311 De la Cuadra, C. Vidal, A

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Fhatuwani N. Mudau, Puffy Soundy, and Elsa S. du Toit

misting and fogging systems, which work automatically depending on the humidity of the greenhouse. The mist bed was 5 × 1.5 m and 1 m high supplied with an automated misting system operating through misting nozzles. Greenhouse temperatures were recorded by

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Dilip R. Panthee and Randy G. Gardner

may enlarge considerably if there is presence of water (mist, fog, dew) for extended periods of time. This may be conducive for fungi or bacteria to invade the fruits. ‘Mountain Majesty’ has performed well in numerous observational trials in research

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Richard L. Hassell, Frederic Memmott, and Dean G. Liere

100%, and very low light intensity for the first 5 to 7 d ( Miguel, 1997 ). Humidifiers can be purchased; however, remember that too much free water can lead to disease pressure and loss of graft union. A fog or mist system is the preferred method

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Ana Bian and Dongming Pan

death ( Ogura and Yura, 2008 ). Soil salinization and salt fog have adverse effects on the growth and ornamental value of N. tazetta L. Salt is therefore an important nonbiological limiting factor for the promotion of growth ( Tester, 2003 ). Thus, it

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Zhixiong Zeng, Jiaming Guo, Xinyu Wei, Enli Lü, and Yanhua Liu

humidity distribution in greenhouse with a fog cooling system and refrigerative dehumidifiers Biosyst. Eng. 100 2 812 818 Kumar, K.S. Tiwari, K.N. Kumar Jha, M. 2009 Design and technology for greenhouse cooling in tropical and subtropical regions: A review