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Lin Zhou, Qianqian Shi, Yan Wang, Kui Li, Baoqiang Zheng, and Kun Miao

-PCR is influenced by a number of elements, such as ribonucleic acid (RNA) stability, quantity, purity, variations in complementary deoxyribonucleic acid (cDNA) synthesis efficiency, and differences in the overall transcriptional activity of the tissues or

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Jenny L. Bolivar-Medina, Camilo Villouta, Beth Ann Workmaster, and Amaya Atucha

forecasting, and large amounts of unexplained variations are associated with factors explaining the berry number ( DeVetter et al., 2015 ). Flower bud number and development are the most critical factors for accurate yield prediction (Aggelopoulou et al., 2011

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Lisa Klima Johnson, Anish Malladi, and D. Scott NeSmith

. 116 861 864 Tanksley, S.D. 2004 The genetic, developmental, and molecular bases of fruit size and shape variation in tomato Plant Cell 16 S181 S189 Zhang, C.X. Tanabe, K. Wang, S.P. Tamura, F. Yoshida, A. Matsumoto, K. 2006 The impact of cell division

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Dilip R. Panthee, Dean A. Kopsell, and Carl E. Sams

there is a potential to improve broccoli for desirable GS ( Brown et al., 2002 ; Jeffery et al., 2003 ). Such genetic variation has also been reported in A. thaliana ( Kliebenstein et al., 2001 ) as well as other vegetable Brassicas ( Castro et al

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Ji Tian, Ke-ting Li, Shi-ya Zhang, Jie Zhang, Ting-ting Song, Yong-jun Zhu, and Yun-cong Yao

/flavonol in leaf developmental stage 1 in spring-red-leaf cultivars. ( A ) The variation in the anthocyanin/flavonol content ratio in leaf developmental stage 1 in spring-red-leaf cultivars. ( B ) The variation in the R6/R1 ratio in leaf development stage 1 in

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Yan Hong and SiLan Dai

underlie the developmental, biological, and cellular processes ( Yeap et al., 2014 ). Several studies to reveal the molecular mechanisms behind the generation of flower color in chrysanthemum have been reported ( Brugliera et al., 2013 ; Huang et al., 2013

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Omaira Avila-Rostant, Adrian M. Lennon, and Pathmanathan Umaharan

and biochemistry of the anthurium flavonoid biosynthetic pathway have been characterized with the intention of creating colors in the blue range ( Collette et al., 2004 ; Elibox and Umaharan, 2008a ). However, no studies exist with regard to variation

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Douglas G. Bielenberg and Ksenija Gasic

modification. Our objective in this study was to demonstrate that inexpensive, easy-to-use temperature controllers are able to provide reliable set temperatures for the detailed observation of developmental rates in response to different temperature treatments

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Vahid Rahimi Eichi, Stephen D. Tyerman, and Michelle G. Wirthensohn

stomatal behavior follows the optimality theory for gas exchange regulations, it is also possible that A affects the variations of g S . According to this theory, assimilating the maximum levels of carbon per unit of water transpired is considered the

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Sylvie Jenni and Gaetan Bourgeois

variation found in crisphead lettuce heads. The relation between actual head density and head firmness determined by hand compression has never been compared. Garrett et al. (1969) studied the relationship between head density and firmness based on the