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Christian M. Baldwin, Haibo Liu, Lambert B. McCarty, Hong Luo, Joe Toler, and Steven H. Long

#9840; Taylor), visual turfgrass quality (TQ), clipping yield, chlorophyll concentration, root total nonstructural carbohydrates (TNC), soil bulk density, and water infiltration rates. Canopy and soil (7.6 cm depth) temperatures were recorded after each

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Elvis A. Takow, Edward W. Hellman, Andrew G. Birt, Maria D. Tchakerian, and Robert N. Coulson

capacity, pH, permeability, and bulk density. Table 3 outlines the soil properties and units of measure derived from STATSGO included in our database. Only certain soil attributes were needed to establish our GIS soil layers, and these attributes are

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M. Joseph Stephens, Peter A. Alspach, Ron A. Beatson, Chris Winefield, and Emily J. Buck

machine-harvested crops. The modified ear-to-row procedure developed for maize breeding involves selection of best families from bulk harvest of all individuals within a family followed by a recombination event between the best families (growing open

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Mohammed B. Tahboub, William C. Lindemann, and Leigh Murray

and leaching. Organic amendments improve soil physical properties by increasing waterholding capacity, soil aggregation, soil aeration, and permeability and decreasing soil crusting and bulk density ( Oades, 1984 ; Tisdall and Oades, 1982 ). Soil

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Amy Fulcher, Sarah A. White, Juang-Horng (JC) Chong, Joseph C. Neal, Jean L. Williams-Woodward, Craig R. Adkins, S. Kristine Braman, Matthew R. Chappell, Jeffrey F. Derr, Winston C. Dunwell, Steven D. Frank, Stanton A. Gill, Frank A. Hale, William E. Klingeman, Anthony V. LeBude, Karen Rane, and Alan S. Windham

reviewers. However, there is no way to ensure that the iTunes gift cards are used for the intended app, and this could be an expensive marketing strategy. Apple has a bulk purchase program that can facilitate distribution of developer-funded complimentary

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Huisen Zhu and Deying Li

(v/v). Soil EC was determined in a 1:5 soil/deionized water (v/v) extract. Soil OM was determined using loss-on-ignition method ( Ben-Dor and Banin, 1989 ). Soil bulk density was determined from each plot using an undisturbed soil sampler (A-145; ELE

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Malik G. Al-Ajlouni, Jamal Y. Ayad, and Yahia A. Othman

The selection of a growing medium is a key factor in soilless systems ( Samadi, 2011 ). For successful root penetration and shoot growth, soilless substrate should have high total porosity, low bulk density, optimal WHC, and excellent stability

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R.L. Rusholme Pilcher, J-M. Celton, S.E. Gardiner, and D.S. Tustin

saturated genetic maps, bulked segregant analysis (BSA; Michelmore et al., 1991 ) has recently been successfully used to identify markers linked to major QTLs, influencing traits in other crops such as drought tolerance in maize ( Quarrie et al., 1999 ) and

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Taifeng Zhang, Jiajun Liu, Sikandar Amanullah, Zhuo Ding, Haonan Cui, Feishi Luan, and Peng Gao

maize ( Zea mays ) and rice ( Oryza sativa ) has been reported ( Chen et al., 2014 ; Itoh et al., 2001 ; Teng et al., 2013 ). The bulked segregant analysis (BSA) is a rapid technique for mapping genes related to the measured phenotype of different

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Mark K. Ehlenfeldt and Matthew Kramer

cultivars were pollinated under greenhouse conditions with either self-pollen or a multicultivar bulk-pollen mixture (appropriate to ploidy level and species) to determine their relative responses to self-pollination and cross-pollination. The hexaploid