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Mary A. Rogers

and ecology, it becomes clear that systems of crop production that eliminate soil from the system, such as hydroponics or aeroponics, cannot be considered as examples of acceptable organic farming practices” ( USDA, 2010 ). The implication is that

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Constantinos Tzerakis, Dimitrios Savvas, Nick Sigrimis, and Georgios Mavrogiannopoulos

. Hort. 61 273 284 Barak, P. Smith, J.D. Krueger, A.R. Peterson, L.A. 1996 Measurement of short-term nutrient uptake rates in cranberry by aeroponics Plant Cell Environ. 19 237 242 Bromfield, S.M. 1978 The effect of manganese oxidizing bacteria and pH on

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Hardeep Singh, Bruce Dunn, Mark Payton, and Lynn Brandenberger

systems and methods, such as hydroponics, aeroponics, gravel culture, and rockwool culture ( Maxwell, 1986 ). NFT was developed by Allen Cooper and his colleagues during the 1960s at the Glasshouse Crops Research Institute in Littlehampton, UK, and they

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Yu-Wei Liu and Chen-Kang Huang

Greenhouse technological packages for high-quality crop production. XXVII Intl. Hort. Congr. 761:285–297 Chang, D.C. Cho, I.C. Suh, J.-T. Kim, S.J. Lee, Y.B. 2011 Growth and yield response of three aeroponically grown potato cultivars ( Solanum tuberosum L

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Ritu Dhir, Richard L. Harkess, and Guihong Bi

photosynthetic responses of 3 aeroponically grown lettuce cultivars ( Lactuca sativa L.) to different root-zone temperatures and growth irradiances under tropical aerial conditions J. Hort. Sci. Biotechnol. 73 173 180 Hill, R. 1963 Chlorophyll 73 97 Florkin M

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Stephanie E. Burnett, Bryan J. Peterson, and Marjorie Peronto

greenhouse benches as aeroponic rooting chambers ( Fig. 1 ). Within each rooting chamber, we constructed a manifold of mist nozzles using 1/2-inch tubing with six mist nozzles (T-Spray; Senninger, Clermont, FL) installed. A 1-horsepower lawn pump (Utilitech

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Martin P.N. Gent

( Lactuca sativa L.) Interactive effects of nitrogen and irradiance Ann. Bot. 86 1073 1080 Demsar, J. Osvald, J. Vodnik, D. 2004 The effect of light-dependent application of nitrate on the growth of aeroponic grown lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) J. Amer. Soc

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Michael P. Dzakovich, Celina Gómez, Mario G. Ferruzzi, and Cary A. Mitchell

affects ascorbate content and ascorbate-related gene expression in tomato leaves more than in fruits Planta 235 153 163 Mattson, N.S. Harwood, E.D. 2012 Effect of light regimen on yield and flavonoid content of warehouse grown aeroponic Eruca sativa Acta

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Jonathan M. Frantz and Peter Ling

yet become pot-bound, semiopen root zone environments such as aeroponics, nutrient film technique hydroponics, very large containers such as patio containers for the landscape, and stock plant production where cuttings are collected regularly. In each

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Gary W. Stutte, Ignacio Eraso, and Agnes M. Rimando

Pagliarulo, C.L. Hayden, A.L. Giacomelli, G.A. 2003 Potential for greenhouse aeroponic cultivation of Uritica dioca Acta Hort. 659 61 66 Porter, B. 2005 Skullcap production in Saskatchewan 2 Apr