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Sharon Dea, Jeffrey K. Brecht, Maria Cecilia do Nascimento Nunes, and Elizabeth A. Baldwin

example, in ‘Palmer’ and ‘Keitt’ mangoes, terpenes were present in higher concentrations in firm-ripe fruit compared with soft-ripe fruit, which in turn had higher contents of esters and alcohols, mainly ethanol ( Beaulieu and Lea, 2003 ). Consumer buying

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Ying Kong, Ming Sun, Hui-tang Pan, and Qi-xiang Zhang

into the scent of carnations J. Essential Oil Res. 11 355 359 Degenhardt, J. Köllner, T.G. Gershenzon, J. 2009 Monoterpene and sesquiterpene synthases and the origin of terpene skeletal diversity in plants Phytochemistry 70 1621 1637 Dobson, H

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Cynthia B. McKenney, Sandra A. Balch, Victor Hegemann, and Susan P. Metz

from the crowns of Salvia spp. As a result of the presence of volatile compounds released by these shrubs, the germination of other herbaceous species is inhibited. Volatiles found in Salvia spp. included the terpenes camphor, α-pinene, β

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Augusto Ramírez-Godoy, María del Pilar Vera-Hoyos, Natalia Jiménez-Beltrán, and Hermann Restrepo-Diaz

volatiles such as terpenes ( Wu and Baldwin, 2009 ). Terpenes are important in the mediation of the plant–herbivory interaction ( Gershenzon and Dudareva, 2007 ). Shi et al. (2016) observed that exogenous applications of SA favored the release of volatile

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Raymond A. Cloyd, Karen A. Marley, Richard A. Larson, and Bari Arieli

analytical techniques are available to characterize odor profiles. Steam distillation has proven to be sufficient in obtaining samples from various soilless growing media that contain a range of plant-based constituents such as terpenes and phenolics as well

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Huimin Zhang, Hongguang Yan, Cuixiang Lu, Hui Lin, and Quan Li

sweet cherry leaves. The δ 1–3 interval contained hydrogen signal peaks of aliphatic hydrocarbons (aliphatic compounds include long-chain aliphatic alkanes, unsaturated fatty acids, ethyl linoleate, sterols, terpenes, etc.). The large proportion of the

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Ying Wang, Tingting Xue, Xing Han, Lingxiao Guan, Liang Zhang, Hua Wang, and Hua Li

analysis included seven higher alcohols, fifteen volatile benzene derivatives, seven aldehydes, four ketones, one terpene, ten esters, and azulene. In 2018, the content of various volatile components was significantly influenced by KPF treatment, but less

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Ying Kong, Jinrong Bai, Lixin Lang, Fang Bao, Xiaoying Dou, Huan Wang, and Hongzhong Shang

synthases and the origin of terpene skeletal diversity in plants Phytochemistry 70 1621 1637 Deng, W. Wang, Y. Liu, Z. Cheng, H. Xue, Y. 2014 HemI: A toolkit for illustrating heatmaps PLoS One 9 e111988 Dudareva, N. Martin, D. Kish, C.M. Kolosova, N

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Céline Jouquand, Craig Chandler, Anne Plotto, and Kevin Goodner

contribute to aroma ( Dirinck et al., 1981 ; Larsen and Poll, 1992 ; Pérez et al., 1992 ; Ulrich et al., 1997 ). Recently, Ulrich et al. (2007) showed that the intense aroma of wild species was associated with their high ester and terpene contents

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Valtcho D. Zheljazkov, Tess Astatkie, Thomas Horgan, and S. Marie Rogers

:// >. Carvalho, C.C.C.R. de Da Fonseca, M.M.R. 2006 Carvone: Why and how should one bother to produce this terpene? Food Chem. 95 413 422 Chalchat, J.C. Garry, R.P. Michet, A. 1997 Variation of the