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Jin-Hu Wu, A. Ross Ferguson, Brian G. Murray, Alison M. Duffy, Yilin Jia, Canhong Cheng, and Philip J. Martin

(2006–08) for diploid ‘Hort16A’ and its autotetraploid regenerants and two or three seasons (2007, 2008, and 2009) for the three diploid red-fleshed genotypes and their autotetraploid regenerants. Fruit attributes other than fruit weight and dimensions

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Jinquan Feng, Andrew V. McGlone, Mike Currie, Chris J. Clark, and Bob R. Jordan

FH, respectively) compared with the statistics produced for ‘Hort16A’ fruit using a benchtop NIR unit operating under standardized conditions ( Clark et al., 2004 ; Schaare and Fraser, 2000 ). The wavelengths and coefficients to calculate fruit

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Tyler Simons, Hanne Sivertsen, and Jean-Xavier Guinard

, N. Baron, L. 1996 Consumer awareness of citrus fruit attributes Br. Food J. 98 23 28 Qannari, E.M. Vigneau, E. Luscan, P. Lefebvre, A.C. Vey, F. 1997 Clustering of variables, application in consumer and sensory studies Food Qual. Prefer. 8 423 428

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Renee T. Threlfall, Olivia S. Hines, John R. Clark, Luke R. Howard, Cindi R. Brownmiller, Daniela M. Segantini, and Lydia J.R. Lawless

nutraceutical components can impact fruit quality and sensory perception. Phenolic compounds are also relevant as they play a role in the bitterness, sweetness, or astringency of products and contribute to aroma ( Tomás-Barberán and Espín, 2001 ). Fruit

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Molly Felts, Renee T. Threlfall, and Margaret L. Worthington

evaluation of internal and pit attributes. The four slices from the half of the fruit without the pit were used for basic tastes, aromatics, feeling factors, and texture. The fruit attributes were evaluated using a 15-point scale in which 0 = less of an

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Brian M. Irish, Ricardo Goenaga, Sirena Montalvo-Katz, Bernardo Chaves-Cordoba, and Inge Van den Bergh

standard ‘Maricongo’ false-horn plantain (AAB). A potential drawback for ‘FHIA-21’ is that even with its disease resistance and favorable fruit attributes, the plants present a French-type bunch that requires additional labor for de-handing. Differences in

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Timothy P. Hartmann, Justin J. Scheiner, Larry A. Stein, Andrew R. King, and Sam E. Feagely

Zealand, p. 247–296. In: I.J. Warrington and G.C. Weston (eds.). Kiwifruit: Science and management. N. Z. Soc. Hort. Sci., Auckland Seal, A.G. Dunn, J.K. Jia, Y.L. 2013 Pollen parent effects on fruit attributes of diploid Actinidia chinensis ‘Hort16A

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Hanan M. El-Hoseiny, Mohamed N. Helaly, Nabil I. Elsheery, and Shamel M. Alam-Eldein

microelements, amino and humic acids on growth, flowering and fruiting of some mango cultivars J. Hort. Sci. Ornam. Plants 3 152 161 Elkhishen, M.A. 2015 Enhancing flowering and fruiting attributes of mango ( Mangifera indica ) cv. zebda in the off-year by