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Dewayne L. Ingram, John M. Ruter, and Chris A. Martin

and expression, carbon partitioning, nutrient uptake and utilization and alteration of plant architecture. Both direct and indirect types of responses will be discussed in more detail below. Nursery managers and researchers began to recognize symptoms

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Sven Verlinden, Silvanda M. Silva, Robert C. Herner, and Randolph M. Beaudry

solids and carbohydrates, carbon partitioning, and sucrose metabolism change throughout the harvesting season ( Bhowmik et al., 2002 ; Hurst et al., 1993b ; Wilson et al., 2008 ; Zurawicz et al., 2008 ). Harvest, which is accomplished by cutting or

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Kevin R. Cope and Bruce Bugbee

development. Carbon partitioning to leaves/tillers. Percent leaf DW was better predicted by absolute blue light in radish and soybean, but the effects were in opposite directions ( Fig. 6 ). As absolute blue light increased, percent leaf DW decreased in radish

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Pedro Brás de Oliveira, Maria José Silva, Ricardo B. Ferreira, Cristina M. Oliveira, and António A. Monteiro

modifying carbon partitioning and allocation patterns. Under low-light conditions, fruit production declined in later pruning dates because the plants allocated resources less efficiently to fruit production. Higher densities had a detrimental effect on

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W. Roland Leatherwood, D. Mason Pharr, Lisa O. Dean, and John D. Williamson

.A. Lewis W.J. Carbon partitioning and source-sink interactions in plants. Current Topics in Plant Physiology Vol. 13 Amer. Soc. Plant Physiol Rockville, MD Prado, F.E. Boero, C. Gallardo, M. Gonzalez

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Marlene Ayala, Lorena Mora, and Joaquín Torreblanca

pruning from year to year. Literature Cited Ayala, M. 2004 Carbon partitioning in sweet cherry ( Prunus avium L.) on dwarfing precocious rootstocks during fruit development. Michigan State Univ., Lansing, Doctoral Diss Ayala, M. Andrade, M.P. 2009 Effects

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Yue Wen, Shu-chai Su, Ting-ting Jia, and Xiang-nan Wang

doi: 10.2307/4495991 Osorio, S. Ruan, Y.L. Fernie, A.R. 2014 An update on source-to-sink carbon partitioning in tomato Front Plant Sci 5 516 doi: 10.3389/fpls.2014.00516 Preston, K. 1998 The effects of developmental stage and source leaf position on

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Craig S. Charron, Steven J. Britz, Roman M. Mirecki, Dawn J. Harrison, Beverly A. Clevidence, and Janet A. Novotny

photosynthetic fixation of labeled CO 2 . Using a pulse-chase technique in which Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh was exposed to 14 CO 2 for 10 min, followed by exposure to natural CO 2 for another 10 min, Sun et al. (1999) measured carbon partitioning into

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Caixi Zhang, Kenji Tanabe, Hiroko Tani, Hiromitsu Nakajima, Minori Mori, and Emi Sakuno

). Therefore, a higher bioactive GA level during fruit development ( Fig. 5 ) was consistent with the results of the analysis of sink strength and carbon partitioning between the two cultivars ( Zhang et al., 2005b ). Abscisic acid and fruit development

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Rebecca L. Darnell, Bruno Casamali, and Jeffrey G. Williamson

. Univ. Florida, Gainesville, PhD Diss. No. 9505801 Merhaut, D. Darnell, R. 1995 Ammonium and nitrate accumulation in containerized southern highbush blueberry plants HortScience 30 1378 1381 Merhaut, D. Darnell, R. 1996 Vegetative growth and nitrogen/carbon