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Joseph A. Fiola, Robert Lengyen, and Harry J. Swartz

65 POSTER SESSION 7 Breeding/Fruits & Nuts

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W.R. Okie and D.W. Ramming

The status of plum breeding around the world is reviewed. Two distinct types of plums are grown: Japanese-type shipping plums (mostly diploid hybrids of Prunus salicina Lindl. with other species) such as are grown in California, and hexaploid or “domestica” plums (P. domestica L.), which have a long history in Europe. In recent years there has been a resurgence of plum breeding outside the United States.

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M. Joseph Stephens, Peter A. Alspach, Ron A. Beatson, Chris Winefield, and Emily J. Buck

Genetic improvement for fruit yield remains a key breeding objective in raspberry breeding programs worldwide. High-yielding raspberry cultivars with good fruit quality characteristics and pest and disease resistance are most important in

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Chengyan Yue, Jingjing Wang, Eric Watkins, Stacy A. Bonos, Kristen C. Nelson, James A. Murphy, William A. Meyer, and Brian P. Horgan

There has been a long history for turfgrass breeding programs to evaluate, develop, and introduce turfgrass cultivars with superior traits for use on lawns, sports fields, parks, roadsides, and other landscapes. Turfgrass breeding, like any other

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Luping Qu and Mark P. Widrlechner

Breeding systems play crucial roles in the evolutionary dynamics of plant species ( Charlesworth, 2006 ), are critical in the development of effective and efficient genetic improvement strategies ( Charlesworth, 2006 ; Poehlman, 1987 ), and should

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Rosanna Freyre

Oral Session 6—Ornamental Plant Breeding Moderator: Daniel F. Warnock 18 July 2005, 4:00–6:00 p.m. Room 107

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James D. Kell

55 COLLOQUIUM 2 (Abstr. 995-999) Classical and Molecular Approaches to Breeding Horticultural Plants for Disease Resistance

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Jessica Chitwood, Ainong Shi, Michael Evans, Curt Rom, Edward E. Gbur Jr., Dennis Motes, Pengyin Chen, and David Hensley

genotypes, with hybrid breeding becoming popular in recent years, but all are based on field testing ( Morelock and Correll, 2008 ). Although field testing is necessary in many cases, there are numerous environmental effects that contribute to germination

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Luis Rallo

for new specific cultivars for these new plantations has stimulated the development of breeding programs in various countries. This review summarizes the development of the current olive breeding programs in Spain. Genetic resources Exploration

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Lisa Alexander

lush green foliage—have a breeding history stretching hundreds of years, improvement has focused on novel floral traits rather than disease resistance or environmental stress tolerance. Major diseases that may have a detrimental impact on plants in the