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Shengrui Yao, Steve Guldan, Robert Flynn, and Carlos Ochoa

documented the economics and management details of matted-row systems vs. annual-hilling plasticulture in North Carolina. In cold areas, annual plasticulture is difficult to manage and is not as profitable as in Florida or California. With a short growing

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Matthew D. Stevens, John D. Lea-Cox, Brent L. Black, and Judith A. Abbott

as well as increased yields in some situations ( Fiola et al., 1995 ). The cold-climate plasticulture (CCP) system may also improve ease of harvest. The CCP system is an adaptation of annual hill production practiced in milder climates but is

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Sanjun Gu, Wenjing Guan, and John E. Beck

-field annual hill production is the primary strawberry production system in North Carolina. With this system, strawberries are planted in the fall on raised beds covered with black plastic mulch. Harvests take place around May and last for 4 to 6 weeks

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Jessica R. Goldberger, Lisa W. DeVetter, and Katherine E. Dentzman

biodegradable plastic mulch is likely due to California growers’ current use of PE mulch and the annual hill system of strawberry production. Because adoption is more likely when innovations are compatible with existing practices ( Rogers, 2003 ), California

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Ravneet K. Sandhu, Nathan S. Boyd, Shaun Sharpe, Zhengfei Guan, Qi Qiu, Tianyuan Luo, and Shinsuke Agehara

responses to temperature Planta 201 441 445 Duval, J.R. 2005 Relay-intercropping does not reduce strawberry yield in an Annual-hill production system HortTechnology 15 907 908 Florida Automated Weather Network 2017–18 < > Food and

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Stanley Freeman

.A. Jr Williams, J.D. 1995 Soil fumigation and soil solarization in the annual-hill strawberry plasticulture system Adv. Strawberry Res. 14 69 72 Horowitz, S. Freeman, S. Sharon, A. 2002 Use

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Johshin Tsuruyama and Toshio Shibuya

, E.B. Cantliffe, D.J. Chandler, C.K. 2002 Temperature conditioning and container size affect early season fruit yield of strawberry plug plants in a winter, annual hill production system HortScience 37 762 764 Durner, E.F. 2016 Photoperiod and

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Marvin P. Pritts

strawberry are affected by fruiting but not day neutrality J. Amer. Pomol. Soc. 67 95 103 Albregts, E.E. Howard, C.M. 1980 Accumulation of nutrients by strawberry plants and fruit grown in annual hill culture J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 105 386 388 Albregts, E

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James P. Gilreath, Bielinski M. Santos, and Timothy N. Motis

initially show localized and uneven growth with chlorotic plants, eventually extending the damage to the whole planted area ( Jardine and Todd, 1990 ). Florida strawberries are grown using the annual hill system, where beds are pressed and fumigated before

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Bielinski M. Santos

). Florida has the second largest production value in the United States, which generated in 2007 nearly $330 million in 8300 acres ( U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2008 ). Most of Florida's acreage is established under the annual hill system in which raised