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P.C. Andersen, J.G. Norcini, and G.W. Knox

Abbreviations: A, net CO 2 assimilation; chl, chlorophyll; Ci, intercellular CO 2 concentration; E, transpiration; GI, growth index, GLM, general linear model; gs, stomatal conductance; LT, leaf temperature; RLWC, relative leaf water content; SLW

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J.G. Norcini, P.C. Andersen, and G.W. Knox

Abbreviations: A, net CO 2 assimilation; Ci, intercellular CO 2 concentration; E, transpiration rate; GI, growth index; gs, stomatal conductance; LT, leaf ternperature; PE, pretreatment expanded; PPF, photosynthetic photon flux RE, recently

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Carl-Otto Ottosen

Abbreviations: C I , internal CO 2 concentration (ppm CO 2 ); G 5 , stomatal conductance (mol·s -1 ·m -2 ); P N , net photosynthetic rate (μmol CO 2 /sec per square meter); T, transpiration rate (μmol H 2 O/sec per square meter). 1 Former Research

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Qingqing Duan, Ye Lin, Wu Jiang, and Danfeng Huang

d of transplantation, which were consistent with the change in SD ( Fig. 1A ). Fig. 4. Net photosynthesis rate (Pn) ( A ), stomatal conductance ( g S ) ( B ), intercellular CO 2 concentration (Ci) ( C ), and transpiration rate (Tr) ( D ) of

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Sahar Dabirian and Carol A. Miles

entirely wilted scion leaves and stems. Stomatal conductance. In Expt. 3, g S of seedlings of ‘TriX Palomar’ watermelon and ‘Emphasis’ rootstock were measured with a leaf porometer (SC-1; Decagon Devices, Pullman, WA) 1 h before application of the

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Hector R. Valenzuela, Bruce Schaffer, and Stephen K. O'Hair

Abbreviations: A, net CO assimilation; DAP, days after planting; E, transpiration; g, stomatal conductance; PPF, photosynthetic photon flux; WUE, water-use efficiency. Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations Journal Series no. R-00590. We thank R

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Winston Elibox and Pathmanathan Umaharan

based on stomatal density, green/not green, and white/not white was robust and was able to predict vase life over trials (conducted in two different seasons) as well as in a different set of cultivars. The robustness of the equation suggests that it can

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Glenn C. Wright, Kim D. Patten, and Malcolm C. Drew

Abbreviations: A, net assimilation: E, transpiration; g s , stomatal conductance; PPFD, photosynthetic photon flux density; SAR, sodium adsorption ratio; Ψ w , xylem water potential. 1 Assistant Research Scientist. Present address: Univ. of Arizona

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Roger Kjelgren, Lixue Wang, and Daryl Joyce

conditions. Before starting the dry-down cycle, dawn-to-dusk stomatal conductance ( g s ) was measured with a porometer (model SC-1; Decagon Devices, Pullman, WA). A four-plant subsample was measured on two representative mature full-sun leaves per plant

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Smita Barkataky, Robert C. Ebel, Kelly T. Morgan, and Keri Dansereau

measurements were taken. Stomatal conductance and transpiration. Stomatal conductance and transpiration data were obtained for both experiments on five recently matured leaves using a steady state porometer (Model LI 1600; LI- COR Inc., Lincoln NE) and a