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Kalpana Sharma, Joyce L. Merritt, Aaron Palmateer, Erica Goss, Matthew Smith, Tim Schubert, Robert S. Johnson, and Ariena H.C. van Bruggen

. Examples include Puccinia hemerocallidis , the causal agent of daylily rust introduced in 2000 ( Buck and Ono, 2012 ), and Ralstonia solanacearum race 3, biovar 2, introduced on geranium cuttings in 2003 ( Momol, 2006 ). Dracaena was the ornamental

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Colleen Kennedy, Luis F. Osorio, Natalia A. Peres, and Vance M. Whitaker

lines were significantly more susceptible to common rust [ Puccinia sorghi ( Basso et al., 2008 )] and feeding damage by european corn borer [ Ostrinia nubilalis ( Riedeman et al., 2008 )] than their counterpart, the early-phase change lines. In

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Bruce W. Wood, Charles C. Reilly, Clive H. Bock, and Michael W. Hotchkiss

. Reasons for a lack response in scab severity to Ni application in some of the field experiments might be the result of cultivar effects or weathering loss of Ni on the leaf surface, thus precluding an opportunity for a direct effect on the fungus. Thus, it

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Kaori Itagaki, Toshio Shibuya, Motoaki Tojo, Ryosuke Endo, and Yoshiaki Kitaya

powdery mildew fungus ( P. xanthii ) was suppressed on cucumber ( C. sativus ) seedlings acclimatized to higher R:FR (>7.0) than that of natural light (R:FR ≈ 1.2) ( Shibuya et al., 2011 ). Structural properties of the cucumber leaves caused by

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Xiaohe Song and Zhanao Deng

gerbera is caused mainly by Podosphaera ( Sphaerotheca ) xanthii (syn. Podosphaera fusca ) ( Braun et al., 2002 ; Granke et al., 2012 ; Kloos et al., 2005 ; Moyer and Peres, 2012 ). The fungus forms a network of hyphae over the plant surface, and

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Ksenija Gasic and John E. Preece

orange rust ( Gymnoconia nitens ) observed; floricanes hardy to –17 °C or possibly lower temperatures; productive with moderate to high yield potential. A-2312 (Stella). Thorny, erect, floricane-fruiting blackberry with excellent flavor for commercial

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Kathleen Delate, Andrea McKern, Robert Turnbull, James T.S. Walker, Richard Volz, Allan White, Vincent Bus, Dave Rogers, Lyn Cole, Natalie How, Sarah Guernsey, and Jason Johnston

-baited sticky traps to monitor leafroller populations in the orchard, Bacillus thuringiensis early in the season, Entrust (an organic insecticide released in 2003, developed from a soil-dwelling fungus, spinosad) later in the season, and a rigorous selection

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Nathan Shoaf, Lori Hoagland, and Daniel S. Egel

years after biochar application to a Columbian savanna oxisol Plant Soil 333 117 128 Matsubara, Y. Hasegawa, L. Fukui, H. 2002 Incidence of fusarium root rot in asparagus seedlings infected with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus as affected by several soil

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Karen R. Harris, W. Patrick Wechter, and Amnon Levi

bacterial diseases include fusarium wilt caused by the fungus Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum ( Zhou and Everts, 2004 ) and bacterial fruit blotch caused by Acidovorax avenae ssp. citrulli ( Hopkins et al., 2003 ). In addition, watermelon cultivars

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Maria I. Villarroel-Zeballos, Chunda Feng, Angela Iglesias, Lindsey J. du Toit, and James C. Correll

soilborne pathogens affect the production of spinach leaf and seed crops ( Correll et al., 1994 ). Although Verticillium dahliae causes Verticillium wilt of more than 200 species of vegetables, field crops, and trees, the fungus was not, until recently