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Yang Yang, Zhongkui Jia, Faju Chen, Ziyang Sang, and Luyi Ma

al., 2007 ). The Pn values of M. wufengensis seedlings showed an ABA concentration dependence that increased under low concentration (300 mg·L −1 ) and decreased under high concentrations (600 and 900 mg·L −1 ) ( Fig. 3 ). The dual role of ABA in

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Rafael Fernández-Cañero, José Ordovás, and Miguel Ángel Herrera Machuca

., 2005 ) and have an important impact on the local environment. Spain has a rich historical heritage with a mixture of cultures, and it is home to some of the most beautiful and ancient European gardens in existence. Today, however, Spanish gardens

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Emily E. Braun, Sarah Taylor Lovell, Mohammad Babadoost, Frank Forcella, Sharon Clay, Daniel Humburg, and Sam E. Wortman

, confirmed via microscopic analysis or laboratory culture. After confirmation of bacterial spots on leaves, plants were treated with copper hydroxide (Champ WG; Nufarm Limited, Alsip, IL) to curtail the spread of the pathogen. During the growing season

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Gennaro Fazio, Yizhen Wan, Dariusz Kviklys, Leticia Romero, Richard Adams, David Strickland, and Terence Robinson

Grafting scions from trees with desirable fruit onto different tree root systems is an ancient technique and perhaps one of the first forms of clonal propagation. Most temperate fruit trees planted in commercial orchards are the result of the union

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Dipayan Sarkar, Prasanta C. Bhowmik, Young-In-Kwon, and Kalidas Shetty

-season turfgrass plants was measured by using the chlorophyll fluorescence technique and data are represented as F v /F m ratio to understand the photochemical efficiency of these turfgrass species during acclimation. The ratio represents the maximum efficiency at

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Emily B. Merewitz, Thomas Gianfagna, and Bingru Huang

Barrs, H.D. Weatherley, P.E. 1962 A re-examination of the relative turgidity techniques for estimating water deficits in leaves Aust. J. Biol. Sci. 15 413 428 Bettany, A.J.E. Dalton, S.J. Timms, E

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Skyler Simnitt, Tatiana Borisova, Dario Chavez, and Mercy Olmstead

part of the tradition and culture, and supply a portion of the producers’ profits. Some producers are establishing revenue sources beyond the “traditional farm to supermarket peach production chain.” For example, one of the participants suggested that

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Sheng Li, Feng Wu, Yongping Duan, Ariel Singerman, and Zhengfei Guan

. Choueiri, E. Salar, P. Bové, J.M. 2005 Attempts to eliminate Candidatus Phytoplasma phoenicium from infected Lebanese almond varieties by tissue culture techniques combined or not with thermotherapy Eur. J. Plant Pathol. 112 85 89 Chen, X. Triana, M

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plants, 96% planted correctly, and 21% received a promotion. In 2008, we were invited to teach a revised version of this course in Spanish in Costa Rica. Floriculture, Ornamentals, and Turf Section Effect of Three Pruning Techniques on Flowering of