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Charlene M. Grahn, Barbara Hellier, Chris Benedict, and Carol Miles

emergence of seedlings has long been the goal of horticulturists as a means of optimizing stand uniformity and maturity in direct-seeded crops ( Fromme et al., 2014 ; Seale and Cantliffe, 1987 ). Low soil temperatures can increase the time to emergence

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Ze-yuan Mi, Ding-hao Lv, Guang-hui Jiang, Jun-feng Niu, Shi-qiang Wang, and Zhe-zhi Wang

, an optimum tissue culture matrix and transplanting matrix were screened using an orthogonal experiment, and a new model of large-scale standardized breeding was explored through direct seeding. Materials and Methods Reagents and medicines

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Matthew D. Madsen, Michael A. Fidanza, Nicholas S. Barney, Stanley J. Kostka, Turmandakh Badrakh, and Mica F. McMillan

Less than optimal establishment of new turfgrass lawns from seed is often the result of slow and nonuniform germination and emergence because of poor environmental growing conditions ( Christians, 1998 ; Frelich et al., 1973 ; Perry, 1980

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Mehdi Mohebodini, Naser Sabaghnia, and Mohsen Janmohammadi

filling such an information gap in garden cress genotype and to investigate direct and indirect effects of yield components on seed yield via path coefficient analysis in 81 international germplasm collections of garden cress for 16 traits. Materials and

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Carol A. Miles, Thomas S. Collins, Yao Mu, and Travis Robert Alexander

seeding dates, two planting methods, and three cultivars. The seeding dates were 17 May, 31 May, 14 June, and 28 June 2018, and the two planting methods were transplanting and direct seeding. The three bulb fennel cultivars were selected based on the

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Jesse Vorwald and James Nienhuis

( Hoseney et al., 1983 ; Lyerly, 1942 ). Results of this study indicate that direct selection among family means should be effective in increasing seed weight, PopPct, and CoE in this broad-based, temperate-adapted nuña bean population. The only significant

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Wagner A. Vendrame, Virginia S. Carvalho, José M.M. Dias, and Ian Maguire

and Kamemoto, 1969 ; Seaton, 1994 ; Shijun, 1984 ); and cryopreservation has been reported in orchids for seeds, protocorms, zygotic embryos, pollinia, and cell suspensions ( Hirano et al., 2005 ; Ishikawa et al., 1997 ; Ito, 1965 ; Popova et al

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Victoria J. Ackroyd and Mathieu Ngouajio

systems. However, more information is needed on their impact on cash crops (especially those that are direct-seeded) to ensure they are safe tools to use in vegetable production. The objectives of this study were to quantify the impact of oilseed radish

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Suzanne Stone, George Boyhan, and Cecilia McGregor

and thus must be purchased from seed companies each season. Due to these realized and perceived benefits, organic, direct-market, and home growers have inspired a renewed interest in OP cultivars ( Phillips, 2016 ). Today, farmer-maintained landraces

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Alexander D. Pavlista, Gary Hergert, Dipak K. Santra, and James A. Schild

at four North Dakota sites using several cultivars, seed yield was reduced on average from 2000 lb/acre for conventional harvest to 1260 lb/acre for direct harvest ( Eckert et al., 2011a ). The seed remaining on the ground after harvest indicated