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Sarah E. Cathey, Jason K. Kruse, Thomas R. Sinclair, and Michael D. Dukes

resistance. The objectives of this study were 1) to evaluate the transpiration response to gradually drying soil; 2) to evaluate the visual quality, reflectance response, and survival under increasing drought stress; and 3) to re-evaluate the visual quality

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Sandra B. Wilson and Gary W. Knox

Greenlee (1992) . Plant form is based on categories described by Greenlee (1992) . Foliage and inflorescence descriptions are based on observations in Florida. Visual quality, flowering, and plant growth. Visual quality (plant color and form) was assessed

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T.K. Broschat, D.R. Sandrock, M.L. Elliott, and E.F. Gilman

nutritional deficiencies in most plants merely reduce growth rate, yield, or visual quality, deficiencies of K, manganese (Mn), and boron (B) can be fatal in palms ( Elliott et al., 2004 ), which are monocots possessing a single shoot meristem ( Tomlinson

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Jing Zhang, J. Bryan Unruh, and Kevin Kenworthy

periods were generally less than 2 weeks before a 7- to 20-mm precipitation event occurred except for one 4-week period without rain in Oct. 2010. Visual quality, color, and density were found to be different among the nine cultivars ( Tables 2 – 5

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Sandra B. Wilson, Gary W. Knox, Keona L. Nolan, and James Aldrich

date (July 2008) to last evaluation date (Jan. 2011) for plants grown in northern Florida (Quincy ) and southern Florida (Fort Pierce ); (1.8 × °C) + 32 = °F, 1 cm = 0.3937 inch. Visual quality, flowering, and plant growth. Visual quality (plant color

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Landon D. Bunderson, Paul G. Johnson, Kelly L. Kopp, and Adam Van Dyke

all of the attributes of aesthetic quality into one rating ( Morris, 2001 ). Visual quality ratings made by trained evaluators are made on a 1 to 9 scale, where 1 indicates dormant or dead grass and 9 indicates the highest quality ( Skogley and Sawyer

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Yanjun Guo, Terri Starman, and Charles Hall

, SD = 40.9), which indicated that an average cyme was larger with 20% SMC than with 40% SMC, improving the visual quality of 20% SMC plants. Heliotrope GI was not different between SMC treatments at the end of greenhouse production (39.3 cm, SD = 1

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Zhao Xiang, Zhu Huisen, Gao Yang, and Li Deying

, Radnor, PA). Turf visual quality and digital image data were collected 1 d before the fertilization in June, July, Aug., Sept., and mid Oct. 2015 and 2016. Turf visual quality was evaluated using the 1 to 9 scale evaluation system (National Turfgrass

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Christopher B. Cerveny, William B. Miller, Thomas Björkman, and Neil S. Mattson

growth) and plant visual quality (1 = poor; 5 = best) of Ranunculus asiaticus after 4 weeks in the greenhouse. Fig. 5. Expt. 1. Influence of root hydration temperature on percent survival (any visible growth after 4 weeks), plant height (substrate line

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Maren E. Veatch-Blohm, Douglas Sawch, Nicole Elia, and Dominic Pinciotti

Grieve, 1999 ; Greenway and Munns, 1980 ). Salinity can reduce growth and visual quality of plants through physiological drought, ion toxicity, and nutrient deficiency ( Green et al., 2008 ; Gupta et al., 1995 ; Halperin et al., 1997 ; Shannon and