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Eun Ju Cheong, Myong-Suk Cho, Seung-Chul Kim, and Chan-Soo Kim

Mol. Ecol. 9 1657 1659 Felsenstein, J. 1985 Confidence limits on phylogenies: An approach using the bootstrap Evolution 39 783 791 Fitch, W.M. 1971 Toward defining the course of evolution: Minimum change for a specific tree topology Syst. Biol. 20 406

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R.L. Rusholme Pilcher, J-M. Celton, S.E. Gardiner, and D.S. Tustin

quantitative trait loci (QTL) that are linked to a range of tree architecture phenotypes related to tree topology and geometry have been identified in apple ( Conner et al., 1998 ; Hemmat et al., 1997 ; Kenis and Keulemans, 2007 ; Lawson et al., 1995

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Štefan Kohek, Nikola Guid, Stanislav Tojnko, Tatjana Unuk, and Simon Kolmanič

model. Another L-system based simulator, MAppleT, was introduced by Costes et al. (2008) to simulate the apple tree development in interaction with gravity. The authors combined stochastic models to simulate the tree topology and the mechanistic model

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Eduardo J. Chica and L. Gene Albrigo

function as floral meristem identity genes. Nonetheless, the characterization of the genetic framework upstream of these genes regulating their expression remains mostly unexplored in citrus. Determining the composition and topology of the network

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Anne Frary, Hasan Özgür Şığva, Ayfer Tan, Tuncer Taşkın, Abdullah İnal, Sevgi Mutlu, Mehmet Haytaoğlu, and Sami Doğanlar

Turkish melon and ten outgroup genotypes based on 279 amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) fragments and the Dice dissimilarity matrix. A . Entire dendrogram showing topology of three main clusters: A, B and outgroup. B . Detail of neighbor

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Mengyang Liu, Yin Lu, Shan Wang, Fang Wu, Jingrui Li, Yanhua Wang, Jianjun Zhao, and Shuxing Shen

transmembrane protein topology with a hidden Markov model: Application to complete genomes J. Mol. Biol. 305 567 580 Liu, C. Wang, J. Huang, T. Wang, F. Yuan, F. Cheng, X. Zhang, Y. Shi, S. Wu, J. Liu, K. 2010 A missense mutation in the VHYNP motif of a DELLA

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Bao-Cheng Ma, Wan-Li Tang, Li-Yan Ma, Ling-Ling Li, Lu-Bin Zhang, Shi-Jiang Zhu, Chuxiong Zhuang, and Donald Irving

Glazebrook, J. Chen, W. Estes, B. Chang, H.-S. Nawrath, C. Metraux, J.-P. Zhu, T. Katagiri, F. 2003 Topology of the network integrating salicylate and jasmonate signal transduction derived from

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Thomas E. Marler and Christopher A. Shaw

.L. Murphy, S.M. Lynch, D.V. 2000 Compartmentation and topology of glucosylceramide synthesis Biochem. Soc. Trans. 28 748 750 Charlton, T.S. Marini, A.M. Makey, S.P. Norstog, K. Duncan, M.W. 1992 Quantification of the neurotoxin 2-amino-3-(methylamino

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Jin Jiao, Xing Liu, Juyou Wu, Guohua Xu, and Shaoling Zhang

topology and relative genetic distance of the tree, the MAPK gene family of five Rosaceae species and arabidopsis clustered into four distinct groups [A–D ( Fig. 1 )]. In addition, all Rosaceae MAPK genes that shared the family joint structure contained