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Molly Felts, Renee T. Threlfall, John R. Clark, and Margaret L. Worthington

composition (soluble solids, pH, and titratable acidity). The whole berries were frozen (−10 °C), thawed, and squeezed to extract the juice for analysis. The pH and titratable acidity were measured using the Titrino plus 862 compact titrosampler (Metrohm AG

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Renee T. Threlfall, John R. Clark, Aubrey N. Dunteman, and Margaret L. Worthington

scale, and the width and length of each blackberry were measured with digital calipers. Composition attributes. Three replicate five-berry samples of each cultivar were used to determine composition attributes (soluble solids, pH, and titratable acidity

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Daniela M. Segantini, Renee T. Threlfall, John R. Clark, Luke R. Howard, and Cindi R. Brownmiller

fresh-market blackberry should have a berry weight of 8–10 g, soluble solids of 9% to 10%, and titratable acidity between 0.9% and 1.0% ( Threlfall et al., 2016a ). In addition to sugars and acids, phytochemicals play an important role in consumer

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Terry Bates and Justin Morris

for commercially acceptable ‘Concord’ grape fruit averaged $236/ton, with 6 years above and 6 years below the break-even price. Although ‘Concord’ grape juice attributes such as flavor, color, titratable acidity, and pH affect the final processed juice

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Renee T. Threlfall, Olivia S. Hines, John R. Clark, Luke R. Howard, Cindi R. Brownmiller, Daniela M. Segantini, and Lydia J.R. Lawless

® , Model 655F; Fischer Scientific, Pittsburg, PA) at 55 °C for ≈24 h, then removed and weighed. Composition analysis. Three-berry samples of each genotype were used in triplicate to determine the soluble solids, pH, and titratable acidity. Samples were

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Molly Felts, Renee T. Threlfall, and Margaret L. Worthington

texture differences in both melting and nonmelting flesh peaches grown in California, as well as for soluble solids/titratable acidity ratios ( Crisosto and Crisosto, 2005 ). Descriptive sensory analysis provides a means of quantitatively scaling

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Shanthanu Krishna Kumar, Nathan Wojtyna, Laura Dougherty, Kenong Xu, and Gregory Peck

, bittersweet, sharp, or bittersharp, based on tannin and titratable acidity (TA) concentrations. Tannins were originally measured using the Löwenthal permanganate titration method ( Snyder, 1893 ). A tannic acid concentration of 2 g⋅L −1 is used to separate

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Tripti Vashisth, Mercy A. Olmstead, James Olmstead, and Thomas A. Colquhoun

rate can also affect fruit quality parameters such as total soluble solids [TSS (sweetness indicator)] and titratable acidity [TA (acidity indicator)]. Sweetness, acidity, and astringency are key traits that are positively correlated with overall liking

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Marisa M. Wall

stage 7 of the ripeness scale ( Del Monte Fresh Produce, 1992 ). At that time, final nondestructive measurements were made, and destructive measurements for firmness, soluble solids, titratable acidity, starch content, and sugar concentrations were

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Zejin Zhang, Dongxian He, Genhua Niu, and Rongfu Gao

pathway ( Ren et al., 2010 ) based on the diurnal changes of net CO 2 change rates, leaf titratable acidity, malic acid, leaf stomatal conductance, and the δ 13 C value. Dendrobium officinale , endemic to China, is a rare and endangered orchid with