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Martin M. Williams II and Carl A. Bradley

Agriculture (USDA), 2016 ]. Poor crop establishment is a major problem in edamame. Poor seedling emergence and uneven crop stands appear to be the norm in field trials, from North Dakota ( Duppong and Hatterman-Valenti, 2005 ) to Georgia ( Rao et al., 2002

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Chaim Kempler and Todd Kabaluk

Kiwifruit (A. chinensis, A. deliciosa) seedlings were propagated from seeds collected from their native habitat in China. They were planted at the Pacific Agri. Res. Center in 1988 for the purpose of selecting superior fruit. Out of 2212 Actinidia seedlings, 1425 flowered by 1994, with 794 being male and 631 female. Some selections flowered 1 month earlier and matured 3 weeks earlier than `Hayward' kiwifruit. One accession had fruit of comparable size to `Hayward' while maturing about 2 to 3 weeks earlier. Some hairless selections had an average fruit weight of 90 g, °Brix index of 18%, light flesh color, 207 mg/100 g of vitamin C, and early maturation. Most of the seedlings were hardy under a coastal British Columbia climate.

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Silvana Nicola, Luigi Basoccu, and Salvino Leoni

73 ORAL SESSION 22 (Abstr. 175–182) Seedling Establishment/Vegetables

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Huey-Ling Lin, Jenjira Chumpookam, Ching-Chang Shiesh, and Wen-Hsin Chung

Papaya is one of the most important tropical fruit crops with annual production of ≈9.1 million tones and economic value of U.S. ≈$6097 million ( FAOSTAT, 2012 ). Damping-off is a major disease of papaya ( Carica papaya L.) seedling in nurseries

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Jayesh B. Samtani, John B. Masiunas, and James E. Appleby

-year-old, bare root white oak seedlings (Mason State Nursery, Topeka, IL) were planted in 8.52-L plastic nursery pots in a potting soil consisting of 65% pine bark, 15% peatmoss, and 20% rice hulls (White Premium Organics, Ottawa, IL). The potting soil was

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Richard W. Zobel

120 COLLOQUIUM 3 (Abstr. 1000-1005) Seedling Morphological and Physiological Adaptation to Abiotic Stress

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Hans Spalholz and Chieri Kubota

Vegetable grafting is the process of combining two compatible seedlings (scion and rootstock) to comprise one new seedling. Grafting onto rootstocks resistant to soilborne diseases can reduce the disease incidence of scion and improve the yield. For

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Maycon Diego Ribeiro, Rhuanito Soranz Ferrarezi, and Roberto Testezlaf

designs, and thus allow equipment manufacturers and producers of seedlings and plants in conic containers to benefit from subirrigation. The knowledge will help to develop specific engineering design criteria to ensure adequate efficiency and address the

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Ming Ding, Beibei Bie, Wu Jiang, Qingqing Duan, Hongmei Du, and Danfeng Huang

Watermelon [ Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. and Nakai] seedlings are the main product of the seedling companies in China. With the increases in the cultivation area of watermelon (2.2 million ha in China and 3.8 million ha in the world

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Pedro Gonzalez, James P. Syvertsen, and Ed Etxeberria

even when grown as seedlings in a greenhouse ( Syvertsen et al., 2010 ). Citrus and other fruit trees are somewhat unique in that Cl – ions are considered to be more toxic than Na + ions ( Levy and Syvertsen, 2004 ). Thus, salt tolerance in citrus is