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Andrew P. Nyczepir, Janete A. Brito, Don W. Dickson, and Thomas G. Beckman

survival rate on peach tree short life sites than Nemaguard ( Nyczepir et al., 1999 , 2006 ; Okie et al., 1994 ). Peach rootstock susceptibility to M. mayaguensis is unknown. The objective of this research was to evaluate the host susceptibility of

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Kendra Baumgartner, Phillip Fujiyoshi, Craig Ledbetter, Roger Duncan, and Daniel A. Kluepfel

poorly against A. tabescens in the field because of interactions with abiotic factors (climate, soil pH, etc.); other diseases, namely, Peach tree short life (PTSL) ( Beckman et al., 1998 ), a disease complex incited by the bacterial canker pathogen

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Zuguo Cai, Wenfang Zeng, Liang Niu, Zhenhua Lu, Guochao Cui, Yunqin Zhu, Lei Pan, Yifeng Ding, and Zhiqiang Wang

associated with peach tree short life syndrome using microsatellite/SSR markers HortScience 44 1175 1176 Ma, L. Kong, D. Liu, H. Wang, S. Li, Y. Pang, X. 2012 Construction of SSR fingerprint on 36 Chinese jujube cultivars Yuan Yi Xue Bao 39 647 654 Mnejja, M

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Ke Cao, Lirong Wang, Gengrui Zhu, Weichao Fang, Chenwen Chen, and Pei Zhao

Construction of a genetic linkage map and identification of molecular markers in peach rootstocks for response to peach tree short life syndrome Tree Genet. Genomes 3 341 350 Borts, R.H. Haber, J.E. 1987 Meiotic recombination in yeast: Alteration by multiple

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Alexis K. Nagel, Guido Schnabel, Cesar Petri, and Ralph Scorza

Yield and economics of intervention with peach tree short life disease J. Prod. Agr. 6 241 244 Tao, R. Dandekar, A.M. Uratsu, S.L. Vail, P.V. Tebbets, J.S. 1997 Engineering genetic

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Bruno Casamali, Marc W. van Iersel, and Dario J. Chavez

™’ is a vigorous rootstock ( Reighard et al., 1997 ) tolerant to peach tree short life and resistant to several root-knot nematodes ( Nyczepir and Beckman, 2000 ). Both ‘Julyprince’ and ‘Guardian™’ are widely used in Georgia. The soil was a Cecil sandy

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Renae E. Moran, Bryan J. Peterson, Gennaro Fazio, and John Cline

-year-old apple rootstocks HortScience 46 1460 1464 Nesmith, W.C. Dowler, W.M. 1976 Cultural practices affect cold hardiness and peach tree short life J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 101 116 119 Palonen, P. Buszard, D. 1997 Current state of cold hardiness research on

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Gayle M. Volk, James W. Olmstead, Chad E. Finn, and Jules Janick

® was selected from a cross between FV 235-4 and ‘Nemaguard’ made by John Weinberger ( Beckman et al., 1997 ). To date, Guardian ® has consistently demonstrated superior resistance to peach tree short life (PTSL), which before its release was the

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Chad E. Finn and John R. Clark

display moderate vigor, 60% less than trees budded on seedling peach; more resistant to armillaria root rot ( Armillaria tabescens ) than Guardian; resistance to peach tree short life similar to Guardian; resistance to root-knot nematodes ( Meloidogyne