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W. Robert Trentham, Carl E. Sams, and William S. Conway

harvest and in extended cold storage ( Recasens et al., 2004 ). Increasing the Ca content of apples maintains fruit firmness, decreases the incidence of disorders such as water core, bitter pit, and internal breakdown ( Bangerth et al., 1972 ; Dierend and

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Christopher S. Walsh, Julia M. Harshman, Anna E. Wallis, Amy Barton Williams, Michael J. Newell, and George R. (G.R.) Welsh

‘A Ri Rang’) released in Korea in 1969, is the most promising cultivar, and it is the first cultivar recommended to Mid-Atlantic producers. ‘Olympic’ also has problems, including internal breakdown in the flesh. As a crop that is harvested tree

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Cindy B.S. Tong, Hsueh-Yuan Chang, Jennifer K. Boldt, Yizhou B. Ma, Jennifer R. DeEll, Renae E. Moran, Gaétan Bourgeois, and Dominique Plouffe

similar cortical browning disorders, called “internal breakdown,” “internal browning,” and “low-temperature breakdown,” have been described for other apple cultivars ( Faust and Williams, 1969 ; Smock, 1977 ; Meheriuk et al., 1994 ), but it is not clear

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presence of internal breakdown (IB) symptoms. Crisosto et al. (p. 99) describe a controlled delayed cooling treatment that increased market life of IB-susceptible peaches by up to 2 weeks in the varieties tested. Controlled delayed cooling also can be

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Richard L. Bell, Tom van der Zwet, Steve Castagnoli, Todd Einhorn, Janet D. Turner, Robert Spotts, Gary A. Moulton, Greg L. Reighard, and William W. Shane

regular air without loss of ripening capacity at Hood River. Internal breakdown and premature ripening have not been observed. Flavor is mildly sweet with a light aroma, intermediate between ‘Bartlett’ and ‘Beurré Anjou’. In 1-year trials at Gerbers

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Wilawan Kumpoun, Takashi Nishizawa, Yoshie Motomura, Tanidchaya Puthmee, and Toshiyuki Aikawa

measures Acta Hort. 231 814 826 Krishnamurthy, S. 1980 Internal breakdown during ripening of Alphonso mango ( Mangifera indica Linn.) in relation to specific gravity of the fruit J. Food Sci. Technol. 17 198 199 Lima, L.C.O. Chitarra, A.B. Chitarra, M

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Catarina Saude, Alan McKeown, Bruce D. Gossen, and Mary Ruth McDonald

cabbage heads per plot were evaluated for head shape and external color, and cut in half longitudinally to assess internal color, core size, core width, core length, and internal breakdown. These plant and cabbage head characteristics were evaluated using

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Yu-Xiong Zhong, Jian-Ye Chen, Hai-Ling Feng, Jian-Fei Kuang, Ruo Xiao, Min Ou, Hui Xie, Wang-Jin Lu, Yue-Ming Jiang, and He-Tong Lin

, M. Diamantidis, G. Mignani, I. 2006 Cell wall physicochemical aspects of peach fruit related to internal breakdown symptoms Postharvest Biol. Technol. 39 69 74 McQueen-Mason, S.J. Cosgrove, D

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Rachel Leisso, Ines Hanrahan, and Jim Mattheis

Apple storage investigations fourth progress report. I. Jonathan-spot and soft scald. II. Apple-scald and internal breakdown. Iowa Agr. Expt. Sta. Bul. 222 Robinson, T. Lopez, S. 2009 Cropload and nutrition affect Honeycrisp apple quality New York Fruit

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Hui-juan Zhou, Zheng-wen Ye, Ming-shen Su, Ji-hong Du, and Xiong-wei Li

postharvest disease control in Europe. Postharvest Pathol. 2:119–125 Murray, R. Lucangeli, C. 2007 Combined pre-storage heat treatment and controlled atmosphere storage reduced internal breakdown of ‘Flavorcrest’ peach J. Postharvest Biol. Technol. 44 116 121