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Andrew J. Macnish, Malkeet S. Padda, Francine Pupin, Pavlos I. Tsouvaltzis, Angelos I. Deltsidis, Charles A. Sims, Jeffrey K. Brecht, and Elizabeth J. Mitcham

). Shipping and storing strawberries in a MA at low temperature is widely practiced by commercial operators in the United States to reduce decay and maintain fruit quality ( Kader, 2002 ). The most commonly used MA system, Tectrol (TransFresh, Corp., Salinas

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Duane W. Greene, James R. Schupp, and H. Edwin Winzeler

was intermediate. BA reduced starch rating, indicating that ripening was delayed. Table 2. Effect of abscisic acid (ABA) and benzyladenine (BA) on fruit weight and fruit quality of ‘Pioneer McIntosh’. ‘Pioneer McIntosh’—2004. Application of ABA, BA

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Javier Obando, Juan Pablo Fernández-Trujillo, Juan Antonio Martínez, Antonio Luis Alarcón, Iban Eduardo, Pere Arús, and Antonio José Monforte

Mitchell, 2002 ; Kader, 2002 ). The definition of melon fruit quality is complex and varies depending on each particular melon cultivar and market, due to its morphological variability. For example, aroma and turning color are desirable traits for C. melo

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Hanna Y. Hanna

, 2002 , 2008 ). Other production practices need to be re-examined to enhance yield and further reduce costs. The choice of an adequate-yielding tomato cultivar with desired fruit qualities and longer shelf life is a vital grower decision. Failure to

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Zena Rawandoozi, Timothy Hartmann, David Byrne, and Silvia Carpenedo

peach fruit available throughout the year ( Byrne, 2012 ). Likewise, fruit quality is essential for a new commercial cultivar. Selection for these traits is complicated because most of them are controlled by several loci that are influenced by

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Wenjing Guan, Xin Zhao, Donald W. Dickson, Maria L. Mendes, and Judy Thies

compatibility with other melon types and the rootstock effects on yield and fruit quality of the grafted plants. Understanding the influence of C. metulifer on the fruit quality is particularly important, because specialty melons are typically marketed for

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Suzanne O’Connell, Cary Rivard, Mary M. Peet, Chris Harlow, and Frank Louws

abortion ( Ogden and van Iersel, 2009 ). Minnesota production of high tunnel raspberries ( Rubus fruticosus ) benefitted from greater yields and extended seasons ( Yao and Rosen, 2011 ) as well as increased fruit quality and decreased disease incidence for

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Gerry H. Neilsen, Denise Neilsen, Peter Toivonen, and Linda Herbert

(LTB) in ‘Cox's Orange’ ( Johnson and Yogoratnam, 1978 ) and LTB and firmness of ‘McIntosh’ apples ( Webster and Lidster, 1986 ), but it is not known whether soil P applications would result in similar improvements in fruit quality. Responsiveness to P

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Ricardo Goenaga and David Jenkins

this study was to evaluate yield performance and fruit quality traits of six mamey sapote cultivars grown in two distinct agroenvironments. Materials and methods This study was conducted in Puerto Rico at the USDA, Agricultural Research Service Research

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Chen Jiang, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Guoying Ma, and Christopher Gunter

-011; Onset Computer Corporation, Bourne, MA) was placed inside each container to monitor temperature and RH. Containers were held at constant 4 °C, and RH inside the containers was 80% to 95%. Fruit quality and composition (Experiment 1). Muskmelons were