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Ki-Ho Son and Myung-Min Oh

in plant cultivation, LEDs have the advantages of high light-conversion efficiency with low radiant heat output, semipermanence, and small mass; hence, plants may be irradiated close to the plants. In addition, LEDs are available in a variety of

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Marc W. van Iersel and David Gianino

photosynthetic energy conversion efficiency in nature: From seconds to seasons Photosynth. Res. 113 75 88 Garland, K.F. Burnett, S.E. Day, M.E. van Iersel, M.W. 2012 Influence of substrate water content and daily light integral on photosynthesis, water use

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Lingyun Yuan, Yujie Yuan, Shan Liu, Jie Wang, Shidong Zhu, Guohu Chen, Jinfeng Hou, and Chenggang Wang

capacity of starch biosynthesis and higher substrate availability which was favorable to photosynthesis ( Yuan et al., 2014 ). Photosynthesis decline was induced and coupled with degradation in the energy conversion efficiency in PSII under HT. PSII is

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Sanjeev K. Bangarwa, Jason K. Norsworthy, Ronald L. Rainey, and Edward E. Gbur

crucifer plant tissues. In previous research, the maximum amount of total ITCs (shoots and roots) produced by turnip green manure was 4.1 lb/acre (Petersen et al., 2001). However, at a labeled product rate of 320 lb/acre with 90% conversion efficiency, the

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Gioia D. Massa, Hyeon-Hye Kim, Raymond M. Wheeler, and Cary A. Mitchell

response make LEDs more suitable for plant-based uses than many other light sources. These advantages, coupled with new developments in wavelength availability, light output, and energy conversion efficiency, place us on the brink of a revolution in

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Fan Zhang, Zi Wei, Peter Jeranyama, Carolyn DeMoranville, and Harvey J.M. Hou

. Garcia, C. Gonzales, C. Mandadi, K. 2007 Cranberry juice increases antioxidant status without affecting cholesterol homeostasis in orchidectomized rats J. Med. Food. 10 49 53 Diner, B.A. Babcock, G.T. 1996 Structure, dynamics, and energy conversion

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Wesley C. Randall and Roberto G. Lopez

remember that although blue LEDs have a higher electrical conversion efficiency compared with red LEDs, blue light is a higher energy light, which increases energy consumption as higher proportions of blue are used. Therefore, further research is necessary

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Dilip R. Panthee, Jonathan P. Kressin, and Ann Piotrowski

grain accumulation), and maintenance of the net photosynthesis rate ( Zhou et al., 2015 ). Increases in heat affect the efficiency of substrate carbon conversion, which drives growth and repair activities. The conversion efficiency in tomato at ≥30 °C is

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Liang Zheng, Huaming He, and Weitang Song

location. Conventional lighting equipment such as fluorescent tubes and high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps were widely used, thanks to their relatively high energy conversion efficiency and economical affordability ( Riikonen et al., 2016 ). However, lamps

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Yuyao Kong, Ajay Nemali, Cary Mitchell, and Krishna Nemali

, G.-H. Ryu, H.-Y. 2015 Analysis of the temperature dependence of phosphor conversion efficiency in white light-emitting diodes J. Opt. Soc. Korea 19 311 316 Shimizu, H. Saito, Y. Nakashima, H. Miyasaka, J. Ohdoi, K. 2011 Light Environment Optimization