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Evan Elford, Jim Todd, Peter White, Rachel Riddle, John O’Sullivan, and Rene Van Acker

derivatives and benefits Afr. J. Food Agr. Nutr. Dev. 11 5 14 18 Canadian Food Inspection Agency 2019 Aflatoxins in selected corn products, nuts, nut products, raisins, cocoa powder, chili powder and paprika - 1 Apr. 2012 to 31 Mar. 2013. 12 Aug. 2020. < https

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Jules Janick

once used as currency by the Aztecs; the fruits are a common feature in pre-Columbian pottery ( Fig. 13 ). Ground fermented cocoa bean is the main source of chocolate. The pulp surrounding the seed is delicious and remains to be commercially exploited

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Jiaming Yu, Timothy K. Broschat, William G. Latham, and Monica L. Elliott

Long-term control of Phytophthora diseases of cocoa using trunk-injected phosphonate Plant Pathol. 43 479 492 Guest, D. Grant, B. 1991 The complex action of phosphonates as antifungal agents Biol. Rev. Camb. Philos. Soc. 66 159 187 Guest, D. Pegg, K

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Kim E. Hummer and Jim F. Hancock

plants such as maize, cotton, beans, pumpkins, cocoa, avocados, and subtropical fruits originated here. About 8% of the important crops of the world originated here. VIII. Andean center includes the Andean mountain range. This land produced many tuber

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Mathews L. Paret, Asoka S. de Silva, Richard A. Criley, and Anne M. Alvarez

Bacterial wilt of ginger ( Zingiber officinale ) Indian Arecanut Spices Cocoa J. 2 29 31 Sharma, B.K. Rana, K.S. 1999 Bacterial wilt: A threat to ginger cultivation in Himachal Pradesh Plant Dis. Res. 14 216 217 Tsuchiya, K. Sawada, H. Yoshida, T. Takahashi

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Jiyu Zhang, Min Wang, Zhenghai Mo, Gang Wang, and Zhongren Guo

. Santoso, D. Angenent, G.C. de Maagd, R.A. 2006 Isolation and characterization of an AGAMOUS homologue from cocoa Plant Sci. 170 968 975 Clough, S.J. Bent, A.F. 1998 Floral dip: A simplified method for Agrobacterium –mediated transformation of

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Maedza V. Khathutshelo, Nkomo Mpumelelo, Ngezimana Wonder, and Mudau N. Fhatuwani

formulation and processing on absorption and metabolism of flavan-3-ols from tea and cocoa Annu. Rev. Food Sci. Technol. 2 125 151 Neuhouser, M.L. 2004 Flavonoids and cancer prevention: What is the evidence in humans? Pharm. Biol. 42 36 45 Ngezimana, W

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Nirmal Joshee, Bipul K. Biswas, and Anand K. Yadav

yellow-poplar and hybrid sweetgum embryogenic cultures In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. Plant 40 376 383 Fang, J.-Y. Wetten, A. Hadley, P. 2004 Cryopreservation of cocoa ( Theobroma cacao L.) somatic embryos for

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Whitney J. Garton, Mark Mazzola, Nairanjana Dasgupta, Travis R. Alexander, and Carol A. Miles

&PlantDefId=59&ProblemId=1 > Washington State University 2017 Washington State University Mount Vernon station monthly data. 19 Apr. 2017. < > Zaiger, D. 1968 Diseases in cocoa production in the South Pacific South Pacific

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Marissa Moses and Pathmanathan Umaharan

Lower Amazon C, from continental South America, suggests that the dense Amazonian forest between these regions may have served as an effective barrier of panmixis. A similar divergence between cocoa populations from the Upper Amazon and Lower Amazon has