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Chase M. Straw, Rebecca A. Grubbs, Kevin A. Tucker, and Gerald M. Henry

sampling grid (≥450 samples per field). VWC measurements were based on a capacitance sensor (The Toro Company) modified for use on the PS6000 to measure soil moisture at a 0 to 10 cm depth. Two stainless steel probes (9.8 mm diameter, 3.3 cm spacing, and 10

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Stephanie Burnett, Neil Mattson, Brian Krug, and Roberto Lopez

. 2008 Morphology and irrigation efficiency of Gaura lindhiemeri grown with capacitance sensor-controlled irrigation HortScience 43 1555 1560 Burnett, S. Stack, L. 2009 Survey of the research needs of the potential organic ornamental bedding plant

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Carlos Campillo, M.I. García, C. Daza, and M.H. Prieto

to the forest floor and it makes use of line quantum sensors or radiometers ( Pierce and Running, 1988 ), laser point quadrats ( Wilson, 1963 ), and capacitance sensors ( Vickery et al., 1980 ). These instruments have already proven their value in

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Peter Alem, Paul A. Thomas, and Marc W. van Iersel

) , was used to maintain θ at the desired thresholds. The irrigation system used two capacitance soil moisture sensors (EC-5; Decagon, Pullman, WA) per plot. The two sensors were inserted diagonally in the root zone of two representative plants in each

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Susmitha Nambuthiri, Ethan Hagen, Amy Fulcher, and Robert Geneve

sidewall. Once the roots reached the sidewall, irrigation was controlled by an automated system. Substrate moisture levels were measured and controlled using dielectric capacitance sensors (ECHO-5; Decagon Devices Inc., Pullman, WA) connected to a data

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Alex B. Daniels, David M. Barnard, Phillip L. Chapman, and William L. Bauerle

have a 0.3-L volume of influence and are ≈5 cm long and 3 cm wide. The 5TM model uses frequency domain/capacitance to measure the dielectric permittivity (ɛ a ) of the substrate. The sensors were calibrated to the specific substrate used in the study

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Rhuanito Soranz Ferrarezi, Geoffrey Matthew Weaver, Marc W. van Iersel, and Roberto Testezlaf

, 2008 ), lysimeters ( Melo et al., 2013 ), and capacitance moisture sensors ( Ferrarezi et al., 2013 , 2014 , 2015a , 2015b ). Electronic switches connected to tensiometers to begin and end irrigation events at −5 and −1 kPa substrate matric potential

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TRENCHES Capacitance sensors and tensiometers were used in the field to generate soil-water characteristic curves for star fruit and avocado orchards in trenched calcareous soil (Núñez-Elisea et al., p. 65 ). Sensors and tensiometers were

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Xiaoya Cai, Terri Starman, Genhua Niu, and Charles Hall

content and total water application. Although there were increases in plant size and large fluctuations in DLI and RH, the capacitance automated irrigation system was able to maintain the stable SMC ( Fig. 1 ), which has been reported by Nemali and van

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Susmitha Nambuthiri, Robert L. Geneve, Youping Sun, Xueni Wang, R. Thomas Fernandez, Genhua Niu, Guihong Bi, and Amy Fulcher

maxima, minima, and average. Substrate moisture levels were measured and controlled using dielectric capacitance sensors (ECHO-5; Decagon Devices, Pullman, WA) that were completely inserted at 45° angle into the center of two containers per irrigation