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Corina Serban, Lee Kalcsits, Jennifer DeEll, and James P. Mattheis

713 719 DeEll, J.R. 2010 SmartFresh (1-MCP) and storage of Honeycrisp apples Compact Fruit Grower 43 20 23 DeEll, J.R. Ehsani-Moghaddam, B. Bowen, A.J. Lesschaeve, I. 2015 Effects of 1-methycyclopropene and controlled atmosphere storage on the quality

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Pedro Novillo, Alejandra Salvador, Pilar Navarro, and Cristina Besada

production were also evaluated on days 1, 2, and 5 of each shelf life period. 1-MCP (SmartFresh TM ), provided by ‘AgroFresh’ Inc. (Rhom and Haas Inc., Gessate, Italy), is formulated as a powder (0.14% 1-MCP) and it was applied in closed chambers. The

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Luiz C. Argenta, Xuetong Fan, and James P. Mattheis

apples in the UK by the use of 1-MCP (SmartFresh ™ ) Acta Hort. 599 39 47 Lurie, S. Pre-Aymard, C. Ravid, U. Larkov, O. Fallik, E. 2002 Effect of 1-methylcyclopropene on volatile emission and

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Jacqueline K. Burns, Louise Ferguson, Kitren Glozer, William H. Krueger, and Richard C. Rosecrance

equipped with a pressurized handgun until runoff. Treatments were 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 mg·L −1 ethephon; 5 m m 1-MCP (as SmartFresh; AgroFresh, Philadelphia, PA); 1000, 1500, or 2000 mg·L −1 ethephon + 5 m m 1-MCP; 500, 1000, or 2000 mg·L −1 ACC, 4

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Jinhe Bai, Xinhua Yin, Bruce D. Whitaker, Kristi Deschuytter, and Paul M. Chen

after harvest and the other half were left as non-1-MCP controls. For 1-MCP treatment, 45 boxes of fruit were placed in a 40-m 3 air-tight room and fumigated with 25 nL·L −1 1-MCP (Smartfresh™; AgroFresh, Spring House, PA) for 24 h at 20 °C according

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Arthur Villordon, Christopher Clark, Don LaBonte, and Nurit Firon

adding SmartFresh™ research tablets (AgroFresh Inc., Springhouse, PA) to a plastic release vial containing an activator tablet and 18 mL activator solution. Treatment levels were 1 and 2 μL·L −1 . The release vial was placed adjacent to a battery

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Jiwon Jeong, Jeffrey K. Brecht, Donald J. Huber, and Steven A. Sargent

(SmartFresh; AgroFresh Rohm & Haas, Philadelphia, PA) for 24 h (85% relative humidity) in a sealed, 174-L chamber. Two applications of 1-MCP were made at 12-h intervals to minimize possible interference with 1-MCP binding resulting from buildup of CO 2 , a

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Elena de Castro, William V. Biasi, and Elizabeth J. Mitcham

harvest in 2003, were precooled at 0.5 ºC and then placed into plastic bins in gas-tight 300-L stainless steel tanks for 1-MCP treatment. A small electric fan was placed inside each tank to ensure even distribution of 1-MCP gas around the fruit. SmartFresh

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Jiwon Jeong, James Lee, and Donald J. Huber

). 1-MCP application. Twenty fruit were placed in 174-L containers and exposed to 1-MCP by releasing the gas from a commercial powdered formulation (SmartFresh, Agro-Fresh, Philadelphia, PA). The concentration selected (1.0 μL·L −1 ) was achieved

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Jinwook Lee, James P. Mattheis, and David R. Rudell

than 280 g/fruit, 18 fruit for each group. Additional size categories were added to evaluate a more continuous range of fruit weights. Fruit were treated with 0 or 1 μL·L −1 1-MCP (SmartFresh TM powder, 3.8% a.i.; AgroFresh Inc., Spring House, PA) for