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Mordecai J. Jaffe and A. Carl Leopold

material, with the roots protruding downward through holes, and floated on water where the root development could be monitored. Light was provided by six 40-W fluorescent lamps. Irradiance was 100 μmol·m −2 ·s −1 . Root contraction begins at the base of

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Sanalkumar Krishnan and Emily B. Merewitz

staining procedures and which dye color is most effective to use on creeping bentgrass leaves and roots. We also aimed to determine whether the dye technique coupled with image color analysis is a quick, easy method for investigation of differential salt

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Donald R. Hodel

root system is adventitious in nature, and composed of numerous, relatively small, nonwoody roots, of which all primary roots are of a more or less constant diameter and arise independently and periodically from an area at or near the base of the stem

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Giancarlo Fascella and Giovanvito Zizzo

). Root length was unaffected by NAA treatment and by cultivars. The highest rooting percentage and roots production recorded with perlite-based media suggested that coir dust alone is less suitable for Euphorbia × lomi propagation, probably because of

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Ryan W. Dickson, Paul R. Fisher, and William R. Argo

4 + -N) produces an acidic reaction that decreases pH as a result of H + efflux from roots during uptake and from nitrification. Nitrification can occur rapidly in container substrate above pH 5.5 and depends on factors that affect microbial

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Jenny B. Ryals, Patricia R. Knight, and Eric T. Stafne

.253), root quality (3.8, P = 0.175) percent rooted (100%, P = 1.000), or percent callus (100%, P = 1.000) ( Table 1 ). Table 1. Influence of auxin basal application on dry weight, rooting percentage, number of roots, average length of the three longest

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Richard C. Beeson

additional supplemental irrigation is required, knowledge of PAW is necessary. This is especially critical during the early stages of plant production, when roots have not completely colonized a container's volume. At this stage, the lower substrate may be at

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Lynn Brandenberger, William McGlynn, Lynda Wells, Bruce Bostian, and Mark Payton

. ‘Florida’, ‘Heritage’, ‘Kamaran’, and ‘C 8771’ had consistently less difference between the core and cortex colors based on field ratings. Because no statistically significant differences were seen in the objective color values for the carrot roots, no

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Richard C. Beeson Jr. and Jianjun Chen

15-cm containers filled with a peat-based substrate. Both plants had well-developed roots when watered through drip irrigation to the substrate not into the tank or cup. Shoot growth. Guzmania ‘Irene’ was potted in Nov. 2006 and harvested in Sept

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Melody Reed Richards and Larry A. Rupp

landscaping. Past efforts in asexual propagation of bigtooth maple have resulted in limited success. Bigtooth maple propagates itself naturally by layering when lower branches come in contact with the soil and form roots ( Christensen, 1962 ). Tankersley