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Wanploy Jinagool, Lia Lamacque, Marine Delmas, Sylvain Delzon, Hervé Cochard, and Stéphane Herbette

hindsii , Juglans mandshurica , J. nigra , J. regia , Juglans microcarpa , and Juglans ailantifolia . For each species, current year branches ( n = 4–16) were collected from sunlight-exposed parts of three to seven individual trees. The sampling was

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Mohammad Sadat-Hosseini, Kourosh Vahdati, and Charles A. Leslie

of nuts in healthful diets Nutr. Rev. 54 241 245 Driver, J.A. Kuniyuki, A.H. 1984 In vitro propagation of Paradox walnut rootstock [ Juglans hindsii × Juglans regia ] HortScience 19 507 509 Facciola, S. 1990 Cornucopoia: A source book of edible

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Andrea R. Hefty, Mark V. Coggeshall, Brian H. Aukema, Robert C. Venette, and Steven J. Seybold

california black walnut ( Juglans hindsii Jepson, R.E. Smith) led to the development of a male-produced aggregation pheromone, which can be released artificially from a sponge-stabilized bubble cap device ( Seybold et al., 2013a , 2015 ). Experimentally

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Mariano F. Galla, Bradley D. Hanson, and Kassim Al-Khatib

orchard at the University of California (UC) Davis Plant Science Field Station, near Davis, CA. Walnut trees (cultivar Chandler) were 3 years old and grafted on Paradox ( Juglans hindsii × Juglans regia ) rootstock. The soil was classified as Yolo silt

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Gregory T. Browne

. Deği̇rmenci̇, K. 2012 Phytophthora spp. causing root and crown rot of almond in Central Anatolian region in Turkey Bitki Koruma Bul. 52 299 312 Matheron, M.E. Mircetich, S.M. 1985 Seasonal variation in susceptibility of Juglans hindsii and Paradox rootstocks

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Guo-qing Song, Aaron E. Walworth, and Wayne H. Loescher

the other hand, the overall impact of the transgene-derived hormones depends on the TPs (e.g., types and quantity) and the plant species. For example, overexpressing rolABC in walnut hybrid ( Juglans hindsii × J. regia ) rootstocks did not affect

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Aude Tixier, Adele Amico Roxas, Jessie Godfrey, Sebastian Saa, Dani Lightle, Pauline Maillard, Bruce Lampinen, and Maciej A. Zwieniecki

Respiration and temperature measurements. Stem temperature and respiration were measured on the extension shoots of 4-year-old persian walnut trees (‘Chandler’ on Juglans hindsii × J. regia ‘Paradox’ hybrid rootstock) grown in an orchard at the University

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John R. Clark and Chad E. Finn

. Juglans microcarpa DJUG 29.11 x J. regia O.P.; crossed 1997; selected 2001; introd. 2009; USPP applied for. Plant: less vigorous than typically used J. hindsii x J. regia seedling hybrids; light green foliage; easily propagated by tissue culture