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C.L.H. Finneseth, Desmond R. Layne, and R.L. Geneve

104 POSTER SESSION (Abstr. 389–396) Seedling Establishment

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Sanjit K. Deb, Parmodh Sharma, Manoj K. Shukla, Theodore W. Sammis, and Jamshid Ashigh

have been only a few studies that have examined the responses of pecan seedlings to irrigation water salinity levels. In particular, it is difficult to assess the effects of increased salinity of irrigation water or quality of irrigation water on

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Rui Zhang, Fang-Ren Peng, Pan Yan, Fan Cao, Zhuang-Zhuang Liu, Dong-Liang Le, and Peng-Peng Tan

germination stimulates lateral root formation. Similarly, little work has been attempted to consider the effects of taproot pruning in young pecan seedlings back to different lengths on root regeneration. The objective of this study was to determine if root

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David O. Cliffe

Transplant production using containerized cell trays has been practiced in Australia for 15 years, predominantly with the Todd seedling trays. This paper attempts to cover the many methods of transplant production that have evolved in Australia, a country with a unique climate and a horticulture industry requiring a diversity of crops throughout the year. This paper identifies areas that need more research to reduce costs and expand transplant production to encompass a wider range of plant species.

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Maria Florencia Babuin, Mariela Echeverria, Ana Bernardina Menendez, and Santiago Javier Maiale

restricted water condition, pecan plants endure drought stress, particularly during the seedling stage, when lower leaf assimilation rate, transpiration, and leaf conductance are observed, as compared with well-watered plants ( Smith and Huslig, 1990

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Timothy P. Hartmann, Justin J. Scheiner, Larry A. Stein, Andrew R. King, and Sam E. Feagely

of both species, it would be expected that relative cold tolerance between these species would vary considerably by cultivar. Kiwifruit are functionally dioecious, with segregation ratios for sex among seedlings reportedly expected to have a 1:1 ratio

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Paul H. Jennings

172 ORAL SESSION 48 (Abstr. 339-345) Vegetable Seeds and Seedlings

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Elzbieta U. Kozik and Todd C. Wehner

may injure tropical and subtropical crops such as species of the Cucurbitaceae ( Raison, 1974 ). The damage is often referred to as CI and was reviewed by Lyons (1973) . There have been several reports on chilling tolerance in cucumber seedlings

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Qing Xu, Shi-Rong Guo, He Li, Nan-Shan Du, Sheng Shu, and Jin Sun

Grafting of vegetable seedlings is widely used in horticulture for various reasons, such as managing soil-borne disease and improving crop responses to abiotic stresses. Ling et al. (2013) suggested that watermelon wilt ( Fusarium oxysporum f. sp

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Peter H. Dernoeden, Steven J. McDonald, and John E. Kaminski

safety when applied to CBG and PRG seedlings has received little study. Hunter and Kealy (2005) investigated the effects of various BPS rates (22.7 to 136.2 g·ha −1 a.i.) on CBG and annual bluegrass seedlings in a greenhouse study. They observed that