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directly into the growth substrate produced about 200 plug transplants/m 2 . A system using a bin on the ground produced about 100 bare-rooted transplants/m 2 . Runners in the bin had higher levels of disease than in suspended systems. Field evaluation of

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Lucia Armin Langlé-Argüello, Gabino Alberto Martínez-Gutiérrez, Patricia Araceli Santiago-García, Cirenio Escamirosa-Tinoco, Isidro Morales, and José Raymundo Enríquez-del-Valle

°1′31″N and 96°43′11″W and an elevation of 1530 m, in a plastic (200-μm) tunnel-type greenhouse with permanently open lateral and zenithal vents. We used 8-month-old Agave potatorum Zucc bare-rooted plants acquired from a commercial nursery in the Sierra

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nutrition. Containerized Strawberry Plants Evaluated in Australia The productivity of containerized and bare-rooted (BR) plants of strawberry was investigated in subtropical Queensland, Australia. Five sets of experiments compared plants in small 75-cm 3

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Thomas E. Marler and Nirmala Dongol

number were recorded, then plants were bare rooted, separated into root and stem + leaf sections, and dried to constant weight at 70 °C to determine final dry weight. Final emergence was defined as the cumulative number of seedlings that emerged as a

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Kaitlyn M. Orde and Rebecca Grube Sideman

covered with 1.25-mil embossed black plastic mulch (Poly Expert, Laval, QC, Canada) and equipped with a 10-mil single line of drip irrigation tape with a 12-inch emitter spacing (T-tape; Rivulis Eurodrip, San Diego, CA). Dormant bare-rooted strawberry

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John J. Sloan, Raul I. Cabrera, Peter A.Y. Ampim, Steve A. George, and Wayne A. Mackay

. A third set of standard #1 greenhouse containers was planted with bare-rooted 1-year-old seedlings of shantung maple. Each treatment was replicated four times with each replicate consisting of four individual #1 greenhouse containers. Pots were

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Samuel E. Wortman, Michael S. Douglass, and Jeffrey D. Kindhart

above −6 °C, four plug (2012) or bare-rooted (2015) strawberry plants were transplanted into soilless media of each pot resulting in a total of 16 plants per tower. Bare-rooted plants were transplanted again in Apr. 2015 at DSAC due to a rare, killing

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Frederick S. Davies and Glenn Zalman

is a correlation between N application rate, leaf N concentration, and growth in the field nursery. Materials and methods Season 1. Newly budded, bare-rooted ‘Hamlin’ orange trees on Carrizo citrange rootstock were obtained from a commercial nursery

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Bryan J. Peterson, Olivia Sanchez, Stephanie E. Burnett, and Darren J. Hayes

are often bare-rooted after propagation to be overwintered in cold storage. Conclusions This research has the potential to result in profitability for the green industry because propagation is a major component of horticulture crop production. The

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Warren E. Copes and Eugene K. Blythe

. Therefore, commercial practicality of thermotherapy depends on a large enough difference between the temperature at which a pathogen is killed and the temperature at which plant tissue is damaged. As an example of a moderately acceptable difference, bare-rooted