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Basilio Carrasco, Marcelo Garcés, Pamela Rojas, Guillermo Saud, Raúl Herrera, Jorge B. Retamales, and Peter D.S. Caligari

species to be defined ( Becerra et al., 2001 ; Hinrichsen et al., 1999 ). To clarify the organization of its genetic diversity, it is necessary to use a highly polymorphic molecular marker system and apply powerful statistical methods. The intersimple

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Hua Wang, Dong Pei, Rui-sheng Gu, and Bao-qing Wang

Americas ( Krussman, 1986 ), and displays differentiation in morphology, particularly in nut characteristics. Patterns of population genetic diversity and structures for some species of this genus have been studied by several molecular marker systems, such

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Jana Murovec

genetic studies have been mainly focused on interspecific diversity within the genus Cucurbita or genetic diversity among C. pepo subspecies with an emphasis on other cultivar groups ( Ferriol et al., 2003 ; Formisano et al., 2012 ; Gong et al., 2008

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Xiaoli Wang, Zhiyong Wang, Li Liao, Xinyi Zhang, and Changjun Bai

morphological and agronomic traits ( Liao et al., 2011 ). However, the genetic diversity of wild carpetgrass germplasm resources has been rarely explored, especially at the molecular level ( Xi et al., 2004a ). Thus, the purpose of this study was to assess this

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Qing Shen, Hua Bian, Hai-yan Wei, Li Liao, Zhi-yong Wang, Xiao-yan Luo, Xi-peng Ding, Zhenbang Chen, and Paul Raymer

were few reports on genetic diversity of P. vaginatum in recent years. Liu et al. (1994) used random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) to detect the genetic diversity of 46 P. vaginatum ecotypes. The genetic diversity, size, and distribution

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Dianiris Luciano-Rosario, Luis A. Cruz-Saavedra, and Dimuth Siritunga

Organization of the United Nations, 2010 ). Genetic diversity studies are an important aspect of conservation as they provide a record of the current variation which is the backbone of any breeding project. The Caribbean Islands are considered a zone of

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Lav K. Yadav, Edward V. McAssey, and H. Dayton Wilde

Pentanthera , suggesting that they are a closely related group. Low genetic diversity among section Pentanthera species was further observed in a study with several hundred amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) markers ( Chappell et al., 2008 ). In

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Yunyan Sheng, Feishi Luan, Faxing Zhang, and Angela R. Davis

polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers were used to estimate genetic diversity among watermelon cultivars ( Lee et al., 1996 ; Solmaz et al., 2010 ) and to construct an initial genetic linkage map ( Hashizume et al., 1993 ). Levi et al. (2005) identified RAPD

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Ghazal Baziar, Moslem Jafari, Mansoureh Sadat Sharifi Noori, and Samira Samarfard

and homonyms of edible figs (Smyrna figs) in this region has not yet been reported. Evaluation of genetic diversity and identification of fig cultivars in the Fars Province are critical for the conservation of superior genotypes, breeding, mass

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Xiao-min Liu, Xin-zhi Zhang, Yi-min Shi, and Dong-qin Tang

diversity in this genus. Genetic diversity in cultivated crops is essential for successful breeding and creation of new cultivars. Information on genetic diversity patterns can provide insight into the conservation, evaluation, and use of the germplasm