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Ya-Long Qin, Xiao-Chun Shu, Wei-Bing Zhuang, Feng Peng, and Zhong Wang

, 1/2 MS medium with 0.1 mg·L −1 IAA were optimal for S. torvum rooting, which is consistent with the conclusion reached by Li ( Ye et al., 2014 ). With these improved protocols, we efficiency produced callus and regenerated plant. The maximum plant

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James P. Syvertsen, Juan C. Melgar, and Francisco García-Sánchez

C ), and water use efficiency (WUE) of most crop plants can be increased when plants are grown in elevated CO 2 (eCO 2 ), but at the same time, leaf transpiration ( E lf ) and plant water use usually are decreased ( Bowes, 1991 ; Chen and Lenz

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Fumiomi Takeda, Gerard Krewer, Changying Li, Daniel MacLean, and James W. Olmstead

practices for improving machine harvest efficiency. These practices have been focused primarily on minimizing ground loss and reducing the number of mature fruit missed by the machine ( Peterson et al., 1997 ; Takeda et al., 2008 ). Strik and Buller (2002

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Kenneth V. Pecota and Wanda W. Collins

Eight clones of sweetpotato [Ipomaea batatas (L.) Lam.] at five N levels in 1992 and five clones at three N levels in 1993 were evaluated for genotypic variation in N use efficiency [NUE (yield/unit N fertilizer applied)], uptake efficiency (N accumulated/unit N fertilizer applied), and utilization efficiency (yield/N accumulated). There were significant genotypic differences for all NUE components and the variables used for calculation. When total marketable yield was used in calculating NUE, utilization efficiency was always more important than uptake efficiency in accounting for NUE variation. Regression equations developed from 1992 NUE components and selected non-N variables used to calculate them ranked the 1993 NUE components correctly when averaged over all clones. Uptake efficiency could be predicted by biomass; utilization efficiency by total marketable yield.

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Eva Bacaicoa and Jose María García-Mina

., 2004 ). Alternatively, a second strategy is based on growing plant cultivars resistant to Fe chlorosis. This strategy may be important in the case of horticultural and field crops ( Hansen et al., 2006 ; Jolley et al., 2004 ). Although the Fe-efficiency

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Valéria Santos Cavalcante, Renato de Mello Prado, Ricardo de Lima Vasconcelos, Hilário Júnior de Almeida, and Thais Ramos da Silva

-deficient environments are expected to display impaired growth and development ( Prado, 2008 ). Therefore, knowledge in this regard is useful to improve nutritional management, which may require higher doses of certain nutrients, given their low utilization efficiency

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Thomas A. Obreza and Jerry B. Sartain

cost and stringent environmental regulation, these industries have a critical need to improve nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P) fertilizer use efficiency to remain sustainable. Plant nutrient management is intensive when producing high

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Antònia Ninot, Agustí Romero, Joan Tous, and Ignasi Batlle

large trees and in some cultivars ( Pastor et al., 2001 ; Tous et al., 2007 ). Lavee et al. (1982) suggested that shaker efficiency also depends on maturity stage, fruit load, and especially cultivar characteristics. ‘Arbequina’ is the most important

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Arend-Jan Both, Bruce Bugbee, Chieri Kubota, Roberto G. Lopez, Cary Mitchell, Erik S. Runkle, and Claude Wallace

-wattage lamps (arrays) that can be placed closer to the plants, and 5) LEDs can be designed to produce light with a narrowly focused beam angle, potentially increasing the light-use efficiency by maximizing the capture of light by plant surfaces. When prices

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Pedro García-Caparrós, Alfonso Llanderal, and María Teresa Lao

uptake efficiencies and their losses in the production of container plants. We investigated fern leaf lavender because it is a native Mediterranean species that is frequently used in landscapes due to its ability to adapt to stressful environmental