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Shasha Wu, Youping Sun, and Genhua Niu

widely used herbaceous ornamental plants: butterfly blue ( S. columbaria ‘Butterfly Blue’), cardinal flower ( L. cardinalis ), and eastern red columbine ( A. canadensis ), three shrub-like perennials: mexican false heather ( C. hyssopifolia ), mexican

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Lijuan Fan, Yu Gao, Karl H. Hasenstein, and Ling Wang

). Among Iris species, Iris sanguinea (also known as Oriental Iris) has particularly large, brightly colored, butterfly-shaped flowers and it is resistant to cold and drought, and therefore it has a high ornamental value. In addition, this species is

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Donna C. Fare

Bird, and Butterflies were a few of the first commercially available. A second generation of yellow-flowering magnolias with cultivars such as Golden Sun, Golden Gift, Gold Star, and Yellow Lantern were developed by breeders D. Leach and P. Savage; A

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Paige E. Boyle, Michelle M. Wisdom, and Michael D. Richardson

Hymenoptera), butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera), flies (Diptera), beetles (Coleoptera), birds (Apodiformes), and some mammals ( Potts et al., 2016 ). In a society that relies on agriculture to support healthy living standards, pollination services are

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Sandra B. Wilson, Gary W. Knox, Keona L. Muller, Rosanna Freyre, and Zhanao Deng

occurs ( Caley et al., 2008 ). Desirable attributes of nettleleaf porterweed ( Stachytarpheta cayennensis ) are its long period of profuse and vibrantly colored flowers that attract butterflies and adaptability to a range of landscape conditions; yet a

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Janine R. Conklin and James C. Sellmer

to further prevent seedbed disruption. Overwintered seeds were assessed the following spring (1 June 2005) for germination. Seeds were overwintered for an additional year to assess germination over an extended period of time. Beds were weeded by hand

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machines and conducted two field trials to evaluate their efficacies for the control of insect and weed pests. Using liquefied petroleum gas at 101 kg·ha −1 , flaming machines showed equal or higher control effects on weeds and vegetable stubble than 900 g

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Richard H. Molinar

ripe. Plants are stout and branches are armed with large spines. The same pests that attack common eggplant varieties also attack this plant. The plant reproduces from seed as well as underground suckers and can become a weed. It is a federally listed

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Michael A. Schnelle

groundcover, midheight hardy perennial, and wild flower. Lyreleaf salvia has been noted as a beneficial species to monarch butterflies ( Danaus plexippus ) in a number of migratory corridors and regions within the United States ( Galea, 2015 ). The nectar

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Wenhao Dai and Cielo Castillo

davidii , known as butterfly bush, is commonly used for landscaping. Butterfly bush was imported to North America from China around the 1900s as a garden shrub. It is a fast-growing deciduous shrub reaching 1 to 5 m tall and is often lanky and wide