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Richard Martinson, John Lambrinos, and Ricardo Mata-González

Plant Soil 36 1-3 818 823 Ehleringer, J.R. Phillips, S.L. Schuster, W.S.F. Sandquist, D.R. 1991 Differential utilization of summer rains by desert plants Oecologia 88 3 818 823 English, M.J. Solomon, K.H. Hoffman, G.J. 2002 A paradigm shift in irrigation

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Sylvie Jenni, David de Koeyer, and George Emery

extensively used in early desert plantings. More tolerant to bolting and tipburn than ‘Empire’, ‘Emperor’ is adapted to the southern deserts and the San Joaquin Valley of California and has consistently shown more resistance to rib discoloration during the

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Chris A. Martin, Sean A. Whitcomb, and Jean C. Stutz

controls on soil respiration in the dominant patch types of an old-growth, mixed-conifer forest For. Sci. 51 221 232 Martin, C.A. 2001 Landscape water use in Phoenix, Arizona Desert Plants 17 26 31

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Haiyan Zhang

leptocarpa (Onagraceae) Amer. J. Bot. 71 1302 1307 Sen, D.N. 1968 Ecology of desert plants and observations on their seedlings. II. Germination behaviour of seeds in Asclepiadaceae Österr. Bot. Z. 115 18 27 Smith, H. 1982 Light quality, photoperception, and

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Mengmeng Gu, James A. Robbins, and Curt R. Rom

, plants may adapt by developing smaller leaves or abscising leaves to reduce water loss ( Cinnirella, et al., 2002 ; Fort et al., 1998 ; Wullschleger and Oosterhuis, 1991 ). The desert plant palo verde ( Parkinsonia L.) abscises all leaves during

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Katrina J.M. Hodgson-Kratky, Olivier M. Stoffyn, and David J. Wolyn

-producing desert plant ( Dierig et al., 1989 ; Ray et al., 1993 ; Thompson et al., 1988 ); consequently, selection for only one parameter may not always improve rubber yield. In guayule, single-plant selection for both root weight and rubber percentage increased

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Amnon Levi, Alvin M. Simmons, Laura Massey, John Coffey, W. Patrick Wechter, Robert L. Jarret, Yaakov Tadmor, Padma Nimmakayala, and Umesh K. Reddy

to potyviruses ( Levi et al., 2016 ). As a desert plant species, CC is endemic to arid environments, and its root system rapidly spreads deep into the soil. For this reason, it also could be a useful source for enhancing drought tolerance in

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Andrew R. King, Michael A. Arnold, Douglas F. Welsh, and W. Todd Watson

, Dept. Hort. Sciences, Texas A&M Univ., College Station, TX. Pezeshki, S.R. DeLaune, R.D. 1994 Rooting of baldcypress cuttings New For. 8 381 386 St. Hilaire, R. 2003 Propagation of Taxodium mucronatum from softwood cuttings Desert Plants 19 29 30

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Smiljana Goreta, Daniel I. Leskovar, and John L. Jifon

. Bradbury, M. Stewart, G.R. 1994 Relationships between leaf temperature, compatible solutes and antitranspirant treatment in some desert plants Plant Sci. 100 147 156 Leskovar, D.I. 1998 Root and shoot

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Sameh Sassi-Aydi, Samir Aydi, and Chedly Abdelly

.M. Abdelly, C. 2008 Osmotic stress affects water relations, growth, and nitrogen fixation in Phaseolus vulgaris plants Acta Physiol. Plant. 30 441 449 Sayed, S.A. Gadallah, M.A.A. Salama, F.M. 2013 Ecophysiological studies on three desert plants growing in