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Michelle DaCosta and Bingru Huang

responses of plants to environmental stresses. Abscisic acid (ABA) and cytokinins are two major groups of plant hormones that play important roles in regulating plant responses to decreases in soil water availability ( Pospíšilová et al., 2000 ; Wilkinson

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Aish Muhammad, Hamid Rashid, Iqbal Hussain, and S.M. Saqlan Naqvi

liquid culture. Subculturing was done after every 4 weeks on the same medium. Black parts in the culture were removed before subculturing. Multiplication was carried out up to the third subculture to evaluate the type of cytokinin, its concentration, and

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J. Kevin Parris, Darren H. Touchell, Thomas G. Ranney, and Jeffrey Adelberg

( Kamenicka and Lanakova, 2000 ). Although several cytokinins have been used to induce shoot proliferation, BAP has been used most often for magnolia. For Magnolia × soulangeana, 1.2 μM BAP was shown to produce greater shoot proliferation than 2iP, kinetin

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Jinpeng Xing, Yan Xu, Jiang Tian, Thomas Gianfagna, and Bingru Huang

of leaves as chlorophyll and other cellular components (e.g., proteins and nucleic acids) are degraded during natural or stress-induced leaf aging. Cytokinins (CK) have been well known for delaying leaf senescence, and in some cases, reversing this

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Michael Kantar, Kevin Betts, Brent S. Hulke, Robert M. Stupar, and Donald Wyse

been implicated in both breaking dormancy and initiating growth after dormancy, but the role of these hormones has not been clearly defined ( Coleman, 1998 ). Cytokinins have been implicated in the maintenance of dormancy in potato tubers ( Coleman

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Fumiomi Takeda, Thomas Tworkoski, Chad E. Finn, and Charles C. Boyd

the distal half to two-third of the axillary bud should remove the differentiated meristem. Cytokinin application to buds favors shoot formation and inhibits root initiation in stem cuttings, but in decapitated pea ( Pisum sativum ) cuttings

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T.J. Smalley, M.A. Dirr, A.M. Armitage, B.W. Wood, R.O. Teskey, and R.F. Severson

Abbreviations: CK, cytokinins; LWP, leaf water potential. The cost of publishing this paper was defrayed in part by the payment of page charges. Under postal regulations, this paper therefore must be hereby marked advertisement solely to indicate

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Qiang Liu and Yiwei Jiang

) water (W); 2) 10 m m urea (N10); 3) 20 m m urea (N20); 4) 15 µ m cytokinin (transzeatin riboside, ZR) (CK); 5) 10 m m urea + 15 µ m cytokinin (N10CK); and 6) 20 m m urea + 15 µ m cytokinin (N20CK). Pots were sprayed with 10 mL of solutions at each

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Modeste Kan Kouassi, Jane Kahia, Christophe N’guessan Kouame, Mathias Gnion Tahi, and Edmond Kouablan Koffi

response given to carbohydrate sources, plant growth regulators, or basal media ( Guiltinan and Maximova, 2000 ). The present study was aimed at improving the induction of T. cacao somatic embryogenesis by combining several auxins and cytokinins. To the

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Don C. Elfving and Dwayne B. Visser

; Miller, 1983 ). The interaction of endogenous auxins and cytokinins is thought to play a role in the control by apical dominance of lateral bud activity in the spring and during shoot development ( Sachs and Thimann, 1967 ; Theron et al., 1987 ; Wickson