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Shiow Y. Wang and Kim S. Lewers

(FL800; Bio-Tek Instruments, Winooski, VT) was used with fluorescence filters for an excitation wavelength of 485 ± 20 nm and an emission wavelength of 530 ± 25 nm. The plate reader was controlled by software (KC4 3.0 revision 29; Bio-Tek Instruments

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Pan-Hui Huang, Wen-Bin Yu, Jun-Bo Yang, Hong Wang, and Lu Lu

polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products using a EZNA Gel Extraction Kit (Omega Bio-Tek, Guangzhou, China) were then ligated into PGEM-T vector (Promega) and transformed into DH5α competent cells (Tiangen Biotech Co., Ltd., Beijing, China). The positive

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Xue-qin Wang, Yuan Huang, and Chun-lin Long

-stranded DNA was subjected to a second round of PCR according to the same procedure as the first round of PCR. The PCR products, after being purified with the E.Z.N.A Gel Extraction Kit (Omega Bio-Tek, Atlanta, GA), were ligated into PMD18-T vector (TaKaRa

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Chun-yan Yang, Yuan Huang, and Chunlin Long

, purified with the E.Z.N.A Gel Extraction Kit (Omega Bio-Tek, USA), were ligated into PMD18-T vector (Takara, Japan) according to the manufacturer's instructions and then transformed into Escherichia coli strain JM109 (Sangon, China). The positive clone

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Xinwang Wang, Deborah Dean, Phillip Wadl, Denita Hadziabdic, Brian Scheffler, Timothy Rinehart, Raul Cabrera, and Robert Trigiano

.Z.N.A.™ Plant DNA Kit (Omega Bio-Tek, Norcross, GA) following the manufacturer's instructions and digested with Alu I and Hae III , and 300 to 800 bp blunt-end fragments were ligated to SNX linker adaptors ( Hamilton et al., 1999 ) and then polymerase chain

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Lav K. Yadav, Edward V. McAssey, and H. Dayton Wilde

TissueLyser bead mill (Qiagen, Valencia, CA), and DNA was isolated using an E.Z.N.A. HP Plant DNA kit (Omega Bio-Tek, Norcross, GA), following the manufacturers’ protocols. The DNA quantity was measured with a Qubit 2.0 (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA) using a Qubit

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Jun-Bo Yang, Hong-Tao Li, De-Zhu Li, Jie Liu, Lian-Ming Gao, De-Zhu Li, Lian-Ming Gao, and Jie Liu

were amplified again with the previously mentioned adaptor-specific primer. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products were purified using an EZNA Gel Extraction Kit (Omega Bio-Tek, Guangzhou, China). The purified DNA fragments were ligated into the pGEM

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Angela Knerl, Brendon Anthony, Sara Serra, and Stefano Musacchi

environment, imaging height and processing threshold. Four light environments were artificially created over the trees with shade nets to standardize light conditions (Green-Tek, Janesville, WI). The blue nets used were manufactured with 30% and 60% of shading

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Juan Carlos Díaz-Pérez and Kelly St. John

nets and an unshaded control). Colored nets were black (47% shade), red (42% shade), silver (40% shade), and white (41% shade) ( Fig. 1 ). These values of shade level are as reported by the manufacturer (Green-tek, Janesville, WI) and are within the

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Nathan J. Herrick and Raymond A. Cloyd

. coprophila , was maintained in 8.0-L plastic containers with tight-sealing lids. Openings were perforated into the lids (11 × 21 cm) and insect screening (0.2 × 0.8 mm; Green-tek, Edgerton, WI) was fastened to the lids with hot glue for ventilation. Berger BM