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Emad Bsoul, Rolston St. Hilaire, and Dawn M. VanLeeuwen

. Beaudry, R.M. 1998 Chlorophyll fluorescence in relation to superficial scald development in apple J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 123 887 892 Nilsen, E.T. Sharifi, M.R. Rundel, P.W. Jarrell, W

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Gregory M. Peck, Ian A. Merwin, Christopher B. Watkins, Kathryn W. Chapman, and Olga I. Padilla-Zakour

guidelines for commercial tree-fruit production Cornell Coop. Ext Ithaca, NY Alwan, T.F. Watkins, C.B. 1999 Intermittent warming effects on superficial scald development of ‘Cortland’, ‘Delicious’ and ‘Law Rome’ apple fruit

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Eric Curry

/or codependent. Many methods have been evaluated to alleviate physiological russeting in apple. Like other environmentally based peel disorders such as superficial scald, sunburn, scarfskin, or flecking, a consistent response to treatment is often difficult to

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Pedro Novillo, Alejandra Salvador, Pilar Navarro, and Cristina Besada

-MCP on ripening and superficial scald development in ‘McIntosh’ and ‘Delicious’ apples J. Hort. Sci. Biotechnol. 75 271 276 Sala, J.M. 1998 Involvement of oxidative stress in chilling injury in cold-stored mandarin fruits Postharvest Biol. Technol. 13

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Giacomo Cocetta, Ilaria Mignani, and Anna Spinardi

ethylene perception and production of endogenous ethylene. As a result, all the physiological processes depending on ethylene are inhibited ( Trinchero et al., 2004 ). 1-MCP is commonly applied to prevent the superficial scald in pears and to prolong shelf

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Fan-Hsuan Yang, David R. Bryla, and Bernadine C. Strik

resistance to superficial scald Postharvest Biol. Technol. 13 1 10 Yazici, K. Kaynak, L. 2009 Effects of air temperature, relative humidity and solar radiation on fruit surface temperatures and sunburn damage in pomegranate ( Punica granatum L. cv. Hicaznar

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Xingbin Xie, Todd Einhorn, and Yan Wang

-induced α-farnesene synthase gene PcAFS1 expression in ‘d’Anjou’ pears with 1-MCP reduces synthesis and oxidation of α-farnesene and delays development of superficial scald Postharvest Biol. Technol. 41 225 233 Greene, D.W. Schupp, J.R. 2004 Effect of

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Sarunya Yimyong, Tatsiana U. Datsenka, Avtar K. Handa, and Kanogwan Seraypheap

mechanisms regulating effects of HWT on horticultural crops. Literature Cited Ahn, T. Paliyath, G. Murr, D.P. 2007 Antioxidant enzyme activities in apple varieties and resistance to superficial scald development Food Res. Intl. 40 1012 1019 Arthachinta, C

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Jingjing Kou, Zhihui Zhao, Wenjiang Wang, Chuangqi Wei, Junfeng Guan, and Christopher Ference

. Spinelli, F. Costa, G. 2015 Use of the index of absorbance difference ( I AD ) as a tool for tailoring post-harvest 1-MCP application to control apple superficial scald Scientia Hort. 190 110 116 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2016

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Ksenija Gasic, John E. Preece, and David Karp

Bartlett, requires at least 3 weeks of cold storage, ripening to either a soft buttery or firm crunchy texture depending on storage conditions; lasts for at least 28 weeks in cold storage without core breakdown or superficial scald; can also be eaten