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Ricardo Hernández and Chieri Kubota

each leaf plant. Plant shoots were individually packed in paper envelopes and placed into a drying oven at 80 °C for at least 48 h to obtain the shoot DM. Stomatal conductance and leaf net photosynthetic rate ( NPR ) were measured with a portable

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R. Paul Schreiner

indicate shoot growth; fine root density to indicate root growth; AMF colonization of fine roots; midday leaf water potential (Ψ leaf ) and stomatal conductance ( g s ) as measures of plant water status; fruit yield; and berry quality attributes (soluble

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Ozlem Altuntas, H. Yildiz Dasgan, and Yelderem Akhoundnejad

’ ( Table 2 ; Fig. 2A and B ). Table 2. Photosynthetic rate, stomatal conductance, internal CO 2 and transpiration rate for two 60-day-old pepper genotypes grown for 30 d under saline and nonsaline conditions, with (+) or without (–) amendments of 2 m m

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Sheng Xu, Mingmin Jiang, Jiangyan Fu, Lijian Liang, Bing Xia, and Ren Wang

continuously decreased up to day 16 ( Fig. 2B ). Fig. 2. ( A ) Net photosynthetic (P n ), ( B ) transpiration rate ( E ), ( C ) stomatal conductance ( g S ), ( D ) intercellular CO 2 concentration ( C i ,), and ( E ) water use efficiency (WUE) changes in

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Rangjian Qiu, Zaiqiang Yang, Yuanshu Jing, Chunwei Liu, Xiaosan Luo, and Zhenchang Wang

the effects of the EC iw with respect to the aforementioned parameters. Materials and Methods Experimental setup. The experiment was conducted in a rain shelter at the Agro-meteorology Research Station at Nanjing University of Information Science and

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B. Shaun Bushman, Lijun Wang, Xin Dai, Alpana Joshi, Joseph G. Robins, and Paul G. Johnson

porometer chamber. Measurements were conducted in less than 60 s to ensure the stomatal aperture was unchanged. EL was determined as described by Blum and Ebercon (1981) , and reported as the percentage of the total electrolytes that leaked from cells

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Ved Parkash and Sukhbir Singh

. Fig. 1. Effect of salinity treatments ( A and B ) and biochar treatments ( C and D ) on stomatal conductance of eggplant measured at different days after transplanting in Expt. 1 ( A and C ) and Expt. 2 ( B and D ). Bars indicate least

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Carolyn F. Scagel, David R. Bryla, and Jungmin Lee

leaves by 75 d (data not shown). Stomatal conductance was also measured weekly on five plants per treatment, using a leaf porometer (SC-1; Decagon Devices, Inc., Pullman, WA). The measurements were taken on three fully expanded leaves per plant between

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Genhua Niu and Denise S. Rodriguez

%. Leaf gas exchange. To examine the changes of gas exchange rates in response to substrate drying, leaf net photosynthetic rate, transpiration rate, and stomatal conductance were measured during the dry-down every other day at the beginning of the dry

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Anthony S. Davis, Matthew M. Aghai, Jeremiah R. Pinto, and Kent G. Apostol

was on the first sampling date, 17 July ( Table 1 ). Table 1. Leaf nitrogen (N) content of overhead-irrigated and subirrigated aspen seedlings. z Fig. 3. Net photosynthesis ( A ) ( A ) and stomatal conductance ( g S ) ( B ) of overhead-irrigated and