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Aneta K. Studzinska, David S. Gardner, James D. Metzger, David Shetlar, Robert Harriman, and T. Karl Danneberger

duration, are in part mediated by gibberellins (GAs) ( Hedden and Kamiya, 1997 ; Sponsel and Hedden, 2004 ). GAs are phytohormones that are involved in many developmental processes including stem elongation ( Davies, 2007 ). GAs act by inducing genes

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Michael W. Smith and Becky S. Cheary

defoliation may negatively impact pistillate flower production by reducing available non-structural carbohydrates ( Worley, 1979b ) implicated in pistillate floral production ( Wood, 1989 ; Worley, 1979a ) or decreasing certain phytohormones or growth

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Marko Sabovljević, Milorad Vujičić, Jasmina Šinžar Sekulić, Jose Gabriel Segarra-Moragues, Beata Papp, Marijana Skorić, Luka Dragačević, and Aneta Sabovljević

). Literature Cited Bijelović, A. Sabovljević, M. Grubišić, D. Konjević, R. 2004 Phytohormone influence on the morphogenesis of two mosses [Bryum argenteum Hedw. and Atrichum undulatum (Hedw.) P. Beauv.] Isr. J. Plant Sci. 52 31 36 Bogdanović, M. Ilić, M

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Carolina Aparicio, Miguel Urrestarazu, and María del Pilar Cordovilla

Council 2003 The world olive oil market Olivae 97 19 21 Iqbal, N. Umar, S. Khan, N.A. Khan, M.I.R. 2014 A new perspective of phytohormones in salinity tolerance: Regulation of proline metabolism Environ. Expt. Bot. 100 34 42 Irigoyen, J.J. Emerich, D

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Jenjira Chumpookam, Huey-Ling Lin, and Ching-Chang Shiesh

hypothesized to influence the production or metabolism of other phytohormones ( Chiwocha et al., 2009 ; Flematti et al., 2004 ; Van Staden et al., 2004 ). Gibberellic acid (GA) plays a key role in dormancy release and promotion of seed germination, whereas

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Michael W. Smith

; Nelissen et al., 2007 ). Phytohormones are candidates for long-distance signals such that gibberellins and auxin inhibit floral induction, whereas cytokinins promote floral induction ( Bangerth, 2009 ; Wood, 2011 ). In pecan, non-structural carbohydrate

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Jen A. Sembera, Erica J. Meier, and Tina M. Waliczek

plant phytohormones and growth regulators increased crop yields when they were applied exogenously ( Panda and Nayak, 2012 ). Some biological agriculture and horticulture practices have used diluted seaweed extracts or “seaweed fertilizers” to “promote

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Zhen Shu, Yimin Shi, Hongmei Qian, Yiwei Tao, and Dongqin Tang

. Corpas, F.J. Jimenez, A. Lopez-Huertas, F. Hernandez, J.A. 1998 The activated oxygen role of peroxisomes in senescence Plant Physiol. 116 1195 1200 Gibson, S.I. 2004 Sugar and phytohormone

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Jin Cui, Juanxu Liu, Jianjun Chen, and Richard J. Henny

.V. Maiti, S. 2009 Direct shoot regeneration from immature inflorescence cultures of Chlorophytum arundinaceum and Chlorophytum borivilianum Biologia 64 305 309 Schubert, S. Matzke, H. 1985 Influence of phytohormones and other effectors on proton

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Giedrė Samuolienė, Akvilė Urbonavičiūtė, Pavelas Duchovskis, Zenonas Bliznikas, Pranciškus Vitta, and Artūras Žukauskas

in some LED-treated species deserves discussion, because vitamin C is not only an important nutrient, but also plays a major role in the protection of plants against photo-oxidative stress, photoprotection, and phytohormone action ( Conklin, 2001