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Longyi Yuan, Deying Li, Yang Gao, and Wenjing Xiao

optimization, the average data across the growing seasons in each experiment were subjected to statistical analysis using the procedures for simplex-lattice mixture design in SAS (version 9.2). Results and discussion The two experiments showed homogeneous

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Alejandro Martínez-Bilbao, Amaya Ortiz-Barredo, Emilio Montesinos, and Jesús Murillo

susceptibility to the pathogen. In our case, the use of the detached leaf assay was highly beneficial because the exclusion of these cultivars from shoot assays contributed to the optimization of resources and to limit the potential dispersal of the pathogen

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J. Kevin Parris, Darren H. Touchell, Thomas G. Ranney, and Jeffrey Adelberg

. 2011 The role of meta -topolins in alleviating micropropagation problems Plant Growth Regulat. 63 197 206 Bairu, M.W. Stirk, W.A. Dolezal, K. Staden, J.V. 2007 Optimizing the micropropagation protocol for the endangered Aloe polyphylla : Can meta

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Wahiba Boutebtoub, Michel Chevalier, Jean-Claude Mauget, Monique Sigogne, Philippe Morel, and Gilles Galopin

. To know the quantity and the localization of starch reserves would allow optimizing the mother plant management ( Galopin et al., 1996 ). The morphology of cuttings and the frequency of taking off must preserve the synthesis and the storage of starch

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Kimberly A. Williams, Chad T. Miller, and Ward Upham

serve as a foundation to understand how to optimize the potential for horticulture FFA CDEs to be used as a recruitment tool to attract students into undergraduate programs in horticulture. Materials and methods Lists of Kansas high school student FLOR

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Kristy Borrelli, Richard T. Koenig, Brad M. Jaeckel, and Carol A. Miles

difficult to harvest all cultivars at their optimal market maturity. Although all crop types were well suited for winter production, we recommend that producers plant crops separately to ensure that the quality of each cultivar is optimized at harvest

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Huicong Wang and Lailiang Cheng

delays skin red color development but accelerates flesh starch degradation in ‘Gala’ apples. These differential effects of N supply should be taken into account when assessing fruit maturity for optimizing harvest time. Literature Cited Arnon, D.I. 1949

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Francisco M. del Amor and María D. Gómez-López

, we aimed to evaluate RH and UF at increased irrigation; and in the last year, we aimed to optimize the procedure through a reduction of the irrigation ( Table 1 ). Table 1. Volume of irrigation and percentage of drainage irrigation (% DR) at different

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Karla Gabrielle Dutra Pinto, Sônia Maria Figueiredo Albertino, Bruna Nogueira Leite, Daniel Oscar Pereira Soares, Francisco Martins de Castro, Laís Alves da Gama, Débora Clivati, and André Luiz Atroch

optimize rooting without burdening the seedling production process. These regulators affect the root system quality, such as the root volume ( Fig. 3 ), thus influencing seedling development and survival to transplanting ( Lima et al., 2018 ). In some cases

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S. Shukla, B.J. Boman, R.C. Ebel, P.D. Roberts, and E.A. Hanlon

optimize water and nutrient input of crops, considerable nutrient leaching is still likely due to highly permeable sandy soils, shallow root zones, and high intensity rain storms. Therefore, other BMPs are designed to better manage the nutrients that are