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Yongjun Yue and John M. Ruter

produced during the growing season. Because each flower can provide five seeds, a high number of seeds can be produced in one season. Plants with reduced fertility often bloom longer during the flowering season ( Acquaah, 2009 ). Breeding for sterile plants

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Paul R. Fantz

is used herein ( Table 1 ). Table 1. Terminology used in describing the morphology of Ophiopogon . Measurements used are in standard taxonomic format; x−y is common measurement range (1 mm = 0.0394 inch). Measurements follow standard taxonomic

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P. Gordon Braun, Keith D. Fuller, Kenneth McRae, and Sherry A.E. Fillmore

the site revealed the presence of a well-drained, coarse-textured Orthic Humo-Ferric Podzol on a 3% to 5% slope ( Agriculture Canada Expert Committee on Soil Survey, 1987 ) also referred to in the U.S. Soil Taxonomy as a Haplorthod. A soil analysis

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Andrea Quintana, Rosanna Freyre, Thomas M. Davis, and Robert J. Griesbach

. All second-generation seed obtained was sown in Dec. 2003. Flower color determination. Flower color was determined by visual observation as soon as F 1 and second-generation plants started to bloom. For second-generation individuals chosen for

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Benjamin Ewa Ubi, Daisuke Sakamoto, Yusuke Ban, Takehiko Shimada, Akiko Ito, Ikuko Nakajima, Yoshihiro Takemura, Fumio Tamura, Toshihiro Saito, and Takaya Moriguchi

114 Henderson, I.R. Dean, C. 2004 Control of arabidopsis flowering: The chill before the bloom Development 131 3829 3838 Horvath, D.P. Anderson, J.V. Chao, W.S. Foley, M

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Hala G. Zahreddine, Daniel K. Struve, and Salma N. Talhouk

-lobed. They turn from orange to red to deep purple in the fall. The tree blooms during April and May producing white flowers and yellow fruits. Hillier and Sons (1973) reports that the species is distributed in the eastern Mediterranean region and northeast

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Jie Fu, Qiaoyan Xiang, Xianbao Zeng, Mei Yang, Ying Wang, and Yanling Liu

growing throughout the year, have a thin rhizome, and include lotuses that are cultivated in southern China and southeast Asia. We analyzed three tropical lotuses (No. 63 to 65). These accessions bloom quite freely during the cold months of the year, but

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Bryan J. Peterson and William R. Graves

10 dates during the experiment. Mean PAR was 245 μmol·m −2 ·s −1 ( se = 11.6). Temperatures in the greenhouse were logged with an iButton Data Logger (Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA). The mean daily temperature during the experiment was

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(46.7%) was observed in seeds soaked in sulfuric acid for two days, and then 500 mg·L −1 GA 3 for one day. The results concluded that seeds of S. dolichocarpa had a combinational dormancy (physical and physiological dormancy). The testa was very

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alternate bearing cultivars return bloom of bearing terminal shoots was suppressed relative to vegetative shoots. Flowering and Fruiting in Olives under Mild Winters of Coastal Texas Nasir S.A. Malik, Joe M. Bradford, and Jim Brockington, USDA