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M. Taylor Perkins, Anna Claire Robinson, Martin L. Cipollini, and J. Hill Craddock

mortality were observed in every interspecific hybrid family and the susceptible C. dentata control group, whereas no plant mortality or PRR symptoms were observed in the resistant C. mollissima and C. henryi control groups, as expected ( Fig. 2

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Gerardo H. Nunez, Hilda Patricia Rodríguez-Armenta, Rebecca L. Darnell, and James W. Olmstead

, V. arboreum , and their interspecific hybrids. Considering that roots of Vaccinium species are understudied with respect to RSA, and that V. arboreum is a promising source of RSA traits for SHB breeding, we set out to identify a rooting substrate

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Joshua K. Craver, Chad T. Miller, Kimberly A. Williams, and Daniel L. Boyle

“lesion” is used when referring to these abnormal growths. The objective of this research was to further characterize lesion nomenclature and development on four plant species: ornamental sweetpotato ‘Blackie’, tomato ‘Maxifort’, interspecific hybrid

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Alisson P. Kovaleski, Jeffrey G. Williamson, James W. Olmstead, and Rebecca L. Darnell

temperature effects on growth and carbohydrate storage in southern highbush blueberry interspecific hybrid J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 129 294 298 Spiers, J.M. 1978 Effect of stage of bud development on cold injury in rabbiteye blueberry J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci

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Gerardo H. Nunez, James W. Olmstead, and Rebecca L. Darnell

closely related due to the antagonistic effect that these processes have on rhizosphere pH. This study investigated the rhizosphere acidification capacity of two taxa in the genus Vaccinium — V. corymbosum interspecific hybrid (SHB) and VA. We

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Jessie M. Godfrey, Louise Ferguson, and Maciej A. Zwieniecki

may depend on location along the stem, as well as on the concentration and/or duration of salinity exposure. We present results from two experiments. In a container experiment with hybrid pistachio rootstock ‘UCB-1’ (an interspecific hybrid of

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Charles Fontanier, Justin Quetone Moss, Lakshmy Gopinath, Carla Goad, Kemin Su, and Yanqi Wu

greater desaturation of fatty acids in crown tissue after 12 d of cold acclimation for the freezing-tolerant cultivar Midiron interspecific hybrid bermudagrass [ C. dactylon × C. transvaalensis ) as compared with the freezing-sensitive cultivar U-3

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Phillip A. Wadl, John A. Skinner, John R. Dunlap, Sandra M. Reed, Timothy A. Rinehart, Vincent R. Pantalone, and Robert N. Trigiano

is the kousa dogwood, which typically blooms ≈1 month after the flowering dogwood. There are over 100 named cultivars each of flowering and kousa dogwood and six interspecific hybrids that were released as the Stellar series ( Cappiello and Shadow

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Sarah A. Masterson, Megan M. Kennelly, Rhonda R. Janke, and Cary L. Rivard

States, including interspecific hybrid rootstocks that may provide added vigor to the plant ( Kubota et al., 2008 ; Louws et al., 2010 ). The crop performance and/or conferred disease-resistance characteristics of ‘Maxifort’ rootstock (De Ruiter Seeds

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Xiao-Juan Wei, Xiao-Jing Liang, Jin-Lin Ma, Kai-Xiang Li, and Haiying Liang

Cascade’ ( Fei et al., 2013 ) are a few examples of new and distinct cultivars that were recently patented. We obtained a novel interspecific hybrid cultivar, Camellia ‘Maozi’, by crossing C. japonica ‘Dahong Mudan’ ( Fig. 1A ) with C. pubipetala