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Kang Mo Ku and John A. Juvik

sprout ( Raphanus sativus L.) J. Agr. Food Chem. 54 7263 7269 Kim, H.J. Chen, F. Wang, X. Rajapakse, N.C. 2006b Effect of methyl jasmonate on secondary metabolites of sweet basil ( Ocimum basilicum L.) J. Agr. Food Chem. 54 2327 2332 Kim, H.J. Park, K

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Michael P. Dzakovich, Celina Gómez, Mario G. Ferruzzi, and Cary A. Mitchell

nutrient content Hort. Res. 1 8 Carvalho, S.D. Schwieterman, M.L. Abrahan, C.E. Colquhoun, T.A. Folta, K.M. 2016 Light quality dependent changes in morphology, antioxidant capacity, and volatile production in sweet basil ( Ocimum basilicum ) Front. Plant

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Ustun Sahin, Melek Ekinci, Fatih Mehmet Kiziloglu, Ertan Yildirim, Metin Turan, Recep Kotan, and Selda Ors

. 2012 Effects of water stress and inoculation with plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) on antioxidant status and photosynthetic pigments in basil ( Ocimum basilicum L.) J. Saudi Soc. Agr. Sci. 11 57 61 Henry, N. Hou’erou, Le. 1996 Climate change

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Zhong-Bin Wu, Hsin-Mei Ku, Yuh-Kun Chen, Chung-Jan Chang, and Fuh-Jyh Jan

, including Amaranthus gangeticus ( Amaranthaceae ), Brassica chinensis ( Brassicaceae ), Cucumis melo , C . sativas , Cucurbita pepo L. var. zucchini ( Cucurbitaceae ), Ocimum basilicum ( Lamiaceae ), Datura stramonium , N . glutinosa , N

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Erin M. Silva, Rebecca Claypool, Jim Munsch, John Hendrickson, Paul Mitchell, and Jean Mills

templates for a number of crops including asparagus ( Asparagus officinalis ), basil ( Ocimum basilicum ), carrot ( Daucus carota ), cherry tomato ( Solanum lycopersicum ), green bean ( Phaseolus vulgaris ), and sweetpotato ( Ipomoea batatas ). Additionally

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Liang Zheng, Huaming He, and Weitang Song

, M.M. 2017 Blue and red LED illumination improves growth and bioactive compounds contents in acyanic and cyanic ocimum Basilicum L. Microgreens Molecules 22 , doi: 10.3390/molecules22122111 Luesse, D.R. Deblasio, S.L. Hangarter, R.P. 2010

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Marie Abbey, Neil O. Anderson, Chengyan Yue, Michele Schermann, Nicholas Phelps, Paul Venturelli, and Zata Vickers

warehouse had 30 plants per cultivar equally divided between the two growing tubs. In all systems, lettuce plants were grown alongside strawberry ( Fragaria × ananassa ‘Albion’, ‘Portola’, and ‘Evie 2’; Abbey et al., 2019 ) and basil ( Ocimum basilicum

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Furn-Wei Lin, Kuan-Hung Lin, Chun-Wei Wu, Yu-Sen Chang, Kuan-Hung Lin, and Chun-Wei Wu

Pirbalouti, A.G. Malekpoor, F. Salimi, A. Golparvar, A. 2017 Exogenous application of chitosan on biochemical and physiological characteristics, phenolic content and antioxidant activity of two species of basil ( Ocimum ciliatum and Ocimum basilicum ) under

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Elisa Solis-Toapanta, Paul R. Fisher, and Celina Gómez

, 2014 ; Resh, 2015 ). In contrast, different management strategies could be used to minimize time, waste, and effort by home gardeners. In a study characterizing growth and nutrient uptake of hydroponically grown basil ( Ocimum basilicum ) in a

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Ryan W. Dickson and Paul R. Fisher

( Eruca sativa Mill.), basil ( Ocimum basilicum L., ‘Genovese’), bell pepper ( Capsicum anuum L., ‘Yankee’), cucumber ( Cucumis sativas L., ‘Marketmore 76’), eggplant ( Solanum melongena L., ‘Galine F1’), lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L., ‘Green Star