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Patrick J. Conner

. Fungicides were applied routinely according to University of Georgia recommendations ( Ellis et al., 2000 ), and insecticides were applied only when an insect buildup occurred. Each tree was harvested yearly for total nut yield, and a random 50-nut sample was

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Elsa S. Sánchez, Ermita Hernández, Mark L. Gleason, Jean C. Batzer, Mark A. Williams, Timothy Coolong, and Ricardo Bessin

agent of bacterial wilt of cucurbits. Bacterial wilt can reduce yields by 80% on unprotected muskmelon ( Sherf and MacNab, 1986 ) and cucumber [ Cucumis sativus ( Latin, 1993 )] and is also a serious threat to pumpkin ( Cucurbita maxima ), winter squash

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Philip J. White, John E. Bradshaw, M. Finlay, B. Dale, Gavin Ramsay, John P. Hammond, and Martin R. Broadley

improve yields on infertile soils ( White and Broadley, 2005a ). MINERAL COMPOSITION OF POTATOES Potatoes are an excellent source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. A single medium-sized potato weighing 200 g fresh weight (FW) can provide ≈26% of

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Ricardo Goenaga, Tomas Ayala, and Adolfo Quiles

observed by the authors during these regeneration cycles in field plots with pH >8.0. Tolerance is defined in this study as the ability of a PI to produce a good crop (seed yield over 1000 kg·ha −1 ) when field grown at a pH >7.5. The present study was

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Christopher M. Menzel, Lindsay A. Smith, and Jenny A. Moisander

increased yields and profitability compared with the performance of plants grown outdoors. Greater production was usually associated with earlier cropping, and protection from frosts and rain. There was generally less grey mold in the fruit grown under

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Dave Hawley, Thomas Graham, Michael Stasiak, and Mike Dixon

in this study more simply as cannabis. Like any other cash crop, producers seek to maximize yield, while also optimizing or otherwise standardizing quality. Floral bud tissue is of primary interest when attempting to maximize cannabis yield. Floral

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Harbans L. Bhardwaj and Anwar A. Hamama ). The overall goal of lablab research was to expand the menu of alternative crops for tobacco farmers in a nontraditional area. Specifically, the objective of the current research of lablab was to characterize lablab seed yield and the composition of its

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Abbas Lafta, Thomas Turini, German V. Sandoya, and Beiquan Mou

Lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) is a cool-season crop; it achieves optimum growth and development at an average temperature of 18 °C. Production of lettuce at higher temperature ranges resulted in losses of yield and quality and led to some

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Juan Carlos Melgar, Jill M. Dunlop, L. Gene Albrigo, and James P. Syvertsen

hand harvesting ( Brown, 2005 ), especially in the large citrus plantations of processed fruit in Florida and Brazil ( Roka, 2004 ). No negative physiological, growth, or yield responses of mechanically harvested trees have been reported in early or

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Jer-Chia Chang

discovered in 1983 on Dahu in Miaoli, central Taiwan ( Chang, 2006a ). It was incorporated into the mulberry germplasm because of its large fruit and abundant yield and was introduced into the fruiting mulberry breeding program in MDARES, the single research