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Corina Serban, Lee Kalcsits, Jennifer DeEll, and James P. Mattheis

also impacts development of fruit physiological disorders including senescent breakdown, CO 2 injury, CI, and superficial scald ( Blankenship and Dole, 2003 ; Contreras et al., 2014 ; DeEll, 2010 ; DeEll et al., 2015 ; Fan et al., 1999b ; Watkins

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Elena de Castro, Bill Biasi, Elizabeth Mitcham, Stuart Tustin, David Tanner, and Jennifer Jobling

irrigation and to crop load Gartenbauwissenschaft 66 247 253 Colgan, R.J. Dover, C.J. Johnson, D.S. Pearson, K. 1999 Delayed CA and oxygen at 1 kPa or less control superficial scald without CO 2 injury

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Jennifer R. DeEll and Geoffrey B. Lum

al., 2015 ). Exposure to low O 2 can also alleviate superficial scald in certain susceptible apple cultivars ( Lumpkin et al., 2014 ; Pesis et al., 2007 ; Wang and Dilley, 2000 ; Zanella, 2003 ). When apples are held in standard CA (2–3 kPa O 2

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V. Ognjanov

’, mainly being prone to superficial scald. However, without preharvest calcium sprays, Smaragd’ is less susceptible to bitter pit than ‘Granny Smith’. Principal component analysis provided differentiation between ‘McIntosh Wijcik’, ‘Granny Smith’, and

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Richard L. Bell and Tom van der Zwet

’. When harvested at this time, storage life without breakdown or superficial scald in air at –1 °C is ≈3 months, better than ‘Bartlett’ and ‘Clapp's Favorite’. Ripening to eating firmness requires a mean of 8 d, similar to ‘Bartlett’ and ‘Clapp's Favorite

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Bradley J. Rickard, David R. Rudell, and Christopher B. Watkins

include superficial scald for ‘Granny Smith’, soft scald for ‘Honeycrisp’, external CO 2 injury for ‘Empire’, and firm-flesh browning for ‘Empire’ (see illustrations in Supplemental Fig. 1 ). Biomarker technologies have the capacity to be a revenue

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Christopher B. Watkins

inhibits or delays the development of some disorders such as senescent breakdown and superficial scald while increasing sensitivity to others such as external carbon dioxide injury. The effects of 1-MCP on physiological disorders of apple and other fruit

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resistant to WMV and ZYMV; however, PRSV-inoculated plants developed a systemic infection. 1-MCP and Ethoxyquin Control Superficial Scald of ‘Anjou’ Pears Bai et al. (p. 521) report that a combination of 25 ppb 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), which is easily

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Don C. Elfving, Stephen R. Drake, A. Nathan Reed, and Dwayne B. Visser

-methylcyclopropene and methyl jasmonate on apple volatile production J. Agr. Food Chem. 47 2847 2853 Fan, X.T. Mattheis, J.P. 1999b Development of apple superficial scald, soft scald, core flush, and greasiness is reduced by

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Heidi Hargarten, Sumyya Waliullah, Lee Kalcsits, and Loren A. Honaas

reverse approach was employed in which a subset of genes was hand selected from thousands that were identified ab initio (i.e., expression that was significantly correlated with superficial scald incidence) from a transcriptome analysis of ‘Granny Smith