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Suzanne O’Connell, Cary Rivard, Mary M. Peet, Chris Harlow, and Frank Louws

cultivar Cherokee Purple ( Solanum lycopersicum L.) (Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Winslow, ME) was used throughout this experiment. Systems management. Cultural management practices specific to each system were followed in an effort to optimize system

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Qingrong Sun, Meijuan Sun, Hongyan Sun, Richard L. Bell, Linguang Li, Wei Zhang, and Jihan Tao

= indole-3-butyric acid; QL = Quoirin and Lepoivre. Discussion Regeneration efficiency of apple rootstock is dependent on cultivar, basal medium, and hormonal combinations, so the components of the regeneration medium should be optimized for each cultivar

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Raul I. Cabrera, James A. Reinert, and Cynthia B. McKenney

). Unfortunately for crape myrtles, as with most ornamental and horticultural crops, in-depth studies with information and reference values of nutrient ratios that optimize plant growth, physiological performance, and defense mechanisms are lacking. Detailed

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Maren J. Mochizuki, Oleg Daugovish, Miguel H. Ahumada, Shawn Ashkan, and Carol J. Lovatt

drip irrigation tape ( Hartz et al., 1991 ). Because there were no published investigations of CO 2 application for field-grown raspberry, the first objective of this research was to optimize a CO 2 delivery for this specific production system. We

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Daniel I. Leskovar, Chenping Xu, and Shinsuke Agehara

Jani, 2000 ). Artichoke plants develop a dense and large foliage biomass with a canopy reaching up to 2 m wide and 1 m high at maturity for the early cultivar Imperial Star or even higher for new hybrid cultivars ( Ryder et al., 1983 ). Optimizing plant

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Rachel Mack, James S. Owen, Alex X. Niemiera, and Joyce Latimer

grower grouped plants by water needs ( Table 2 ). Water management practices for optimizing irrigation efficiency were used by four respondents. Water management practices included cyclic irrigation, measuring leaching fraction, and timing irrigation

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Mariateresa Cardarelli, Youssef Rouphael, Delia Muntean, and Giuseppe Colla

; Roberts, 2008 ). Optimization of N application rate is also crucial for commercial ornamental production. In fact, there is a critical N concentration below which the plants show a limited growth and above which the plant show a luxury consumption leading

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Marc W. van Iersel, Matthew Chappell, and John D. Lea-Cox

repeatability, in which case the high resolution does not provide any useful information. To optimize the value of information from sensor measurements, end users need to think about the required data accuracy and the various ways in which this can be improved

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Lloyd L. Nackley, Elias Fernandes de Sousa, Bruno J.L. Pitton, Jared Sisneroz, and Lorence R. Oki

the farm level, optimizing irrigation maximizes profits, and in a broader context, irrigation efficiency also maximizes social benefits ( Letey, 2007 ). Research suggests that over the next 30 years there will be conflicts over water demand between the

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Oliver Körner, Jesper Mazanti Aaslyng, Andrea Utoft Andreassen, and Niels Holst

., 1994 ). In the early 1990s, a complete dynamic climate control concept was first developed ( Aaslyng et al., 2003 ) and constantly further developed since then. The system aims at optimizing the greenhouse microclimate to ensure maximum net dry matter