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Yuanyuan Miao, Qiaosheng Guo, Zaibiao Zhu, Xiaohua Yang, Changlin Wang, Yuan Sun, and Li Liu

seed-derived explants In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. Plant 50 712 721 Mcintyre, G.I. 2001 Control of plant development by limiting factors: A nutritional perspective Physiol. Plant. 113 165 175 Miao, Y.Y. Zhu, Z.B. Guo, Q.S. Ma, H.L. Zhu, L.F. 2015 Alternate

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David R. Bryla

mycorrhizal fungi, which colonize the roots and transfer soil nutrients to the host plant from a finely branched network of external hyphae ( Smith and Read, 2008 ). Root and hyphal interception is responsible for an appreciable amount of Ca uptake, as well as

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David A. Munter, James J. Luby, and Neil O. Anderson

research into its pharmacological properties ( Bafi-Yeboa et al., 2005 ; Ju et al., 2001 ; Patiño et al., 2011 ), much of the remaining research focuses on Z. americanum from an ancillary perspective, i.e., its role as a host for the swallowtail

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Julia M. Harshman, Wayne M. Jurick II, Kim S. Lewers, Shiow Y. Wang, and Christopher S. Walsh

. cinerea life cycle and control, and ethylene levels in red raspberries. However, very little research has been conducted on postharvest physiology of black, yellow, or purple raspberries. As production of alternate raspberry species increases for

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deemed valid by a team of faculty at the host institution and pilot tested to a group of junior and senior high school students not attending the program. The learning style instrument asked the participant to rank 36 statements that best characterized

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Eliezer S. Louzada and Chandrika Ramadugu

statins consumed with grapefruit. The phytochemicals in grapefruit confer cardiovascular benefits that often outweigh the associated risks caused by drug interactions. Selecting alternate drugs may allow incorporating moderate amounts of grapefruit in the

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Kathryn Homa, William P. Barney, William P. Davis, Daniel Guerrero, Mary J. Berger, Jose L. Lopez, Christian A. Wyenandt, and James E. Simon

concerning, FOB is persistent in the soil. Once the pathogen enters the field, it spreads rapidly during the growing season and can overwinter for up to 10 years in the soil without a host ( Chaimovitsh et al., 2006 ; Gamliel et al., 1996 ; Matthews et al

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D. Michael Jackson, Howard F. Harrison, Robert L. Jarret, and Phillip A. Wadl

used, and it is one of eight species-specific crop ontologies hosted in the Planteome project portal ( Cooper et al., 2018 ). The Planteome database is a centralized online plant informatics portal that provides reference ontologies that describe

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withstand alternating wet and dry periods. On 16 June 2008, 30 rooted stem cuttings [0.25 L (2.25 inches)] of Viburnum nudum L. ‘Winterthur’ (possumhaw), Ilex glabra (L.) A. Gray. ‘Shamrock’ (inkberry holly), and Itea virginica L. ‘Henry's Garnet

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further research is necessary to identify optimal WPT substrate physical properties. Alternate Media Substrate for Poinsettia Production Edward Bush, Jeff Kuehny, Daniel Wells, Steven Borst, and Wanda Ellis; LSU AgCenter, School of Plant, Environmental