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Gene E. Lester, Robert A. Saftner, and D. Mark Hodges

accumulation on melon fruit ( Cucumis melo L.) HortScience 41 1431 1434 Katz, D.A. 1998 Food additives: what they do 18 Dec. 2006 < > Lester, G.E. 2006 Environmental regulation of human health

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Amanda Skidmore, Neil Wilson, Mark Williams, and Ric Bessin

Muskmelon ( Cucumis melo ), squash ( Cucurbita sp.), cucumber ( Cucumis sativa ), pumpkin ( Cucurbita pepo ), and other cucurbit crops are valued at more than $1.6 billion per year in the United States ( U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2017

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Ariana Torres, Petrus Langenhoven, and Bridget K. Behe

emphasis of this study was on Cucumis melo L. genotypes. Participants were guided to focus on any type or cultivar of C. melo , and researchers specifically excluded watermelons from our study. First, investigators assessed consumers’ attitudes

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Kazim Mavi and Ibrahim Demir

potential of seed lots in low and high temperature, mechanical and salt stress sowing conditions. Materials and Methods Twelve seed lots in 2005 and 10 in 2006 of melon ( Cucumis melo L.), variety Kιrkagac, were obtained from various commercial

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Jennifer Tillman, Ajay Nair, Mark Gleason, and Jean Batzer

. Soil Res. 48 274 285 Saalau, R.E. Gleason, M.L. Batzer, J.C. Duffy, M. 2011 Feasibility of delaying removal of row covers to suppress bacterial wilt of muskmelon ( Cucumis melo ) Plant Dis. 95 729 734 Salem, H.M. Valero, C. Muñoz, M.A. Rodríguez, M

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Chen Jiang, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Guoying Ma, and Christopher Gunter

Annual consumption of muskmelon ( Cucumis melo reticulatus ) is 4.1 kg/capita in the United States ( USDA-ERS, 2012 ). Muskmelon is a good dietary source of provitamin A, vitamin C, and folate ( Hodges and Lester, 2011 ), but its consumption in the

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Xiaofeng Yang, Gang Li, Weihong Luo, Lili Chen, Shaopeng Li, Ming Cao, and Xuebin Zhang

Muskmelon ( Cucumis melo L.) is one of the most important high-value crops in protective cultivation. In China, the planting area of muskmelon was 42 × 10 4 ha with the fruit yield exceeded 1400 × 10 7 kg in 2013. Nitrogen plays an important role

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Michael J. Mahovic, Rajya Shukla, Renée M. Goodrich-Schneider, Michael V. Wood, Jeffrey K. Brecht, and Keith R. Schneider

Produce items such as netted muskmelons ( Cucumis melo var. cantalupensis ) and other melons have been associated with numerous outbreaks of food-borne illness ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1991 , 1993 , 2002 ; Gayler et al

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Elsa S. Sánchez, Ermita Hernández, Mark L. Gleason, Jean C. Batzer, Mark A. Williams, Timothy Coolong, and Ricardo Bessin

.D. 2011 Feasibility of using delayed-removal row covers for suppression of bacterial wilt of muskmelon ( Cucumis melo L.) Plant Dis. 95 729 734 Saalau Rojas, E. Gleason, M.L. 2012 Epiphytic survival of Erwinia tracheiphila on muskmelon ( Cucumis melo L

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Jason M. Lilley and Elsa S. Sánchez

, J.C. Duffy, M. 2011 Feasibility of delaying removal of rowcovers to suppress bacterial wilt of muskmelon ( Cucumis melo ) Plant Dis. 95 729 734 Ruidisch, M. Kettering, J. Arnhold, S. Huwe, B. 2013 Modeling water flow in a plastic mulched ridge