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Wenhao Dai and Cielo Castillo

landscaping purposes. Attempts to improve Buddleia davidii using conventional breeding methods have resulted in limited success ( Tobutt, 1993 ). Different ploidy levels of species in the genus Buddleia may impede the interspecific crosses; therefore

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James W. Olmstead, Hilda Patricia Rodríguez Armenta, and Paul M. Lyrene

. However, successful hybridization between species outside of the section Cyanococcus with either cultivated or uncultivated members of the Cyanococcus section has been less frequent. Thus, it is intersectional crosses and not interspecific crosses that

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Sarah K. Taber and James W. Olmstead

. Supporting this association between seed number and fruit size and development period are cases where interspecific crosses have been compared with crosses that were either self- or cross-pollinated. Aalders and Hall (1961) found reduced seed set in lowbush

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Ying Wang, Ming Kang, and Hongwen Huang

. Artificial interspecific crosses among chestnuts have been used to introgress disease and/or pest resistance traits in chestnut breeding programs (e.g., Clapper, 1954 ; Diller and Clapper, 1969 ). Molecular markers such as allozymes also have been applied

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Margaret Pooler and Hongmei Ma

map of Prunus based on an interspecific cross between almond and peach Genome 45 520 529 Bortiri, E. Oh, S. Gao, F. Potter, D. 2002 The phylogenetic utility of nucleotide sequences of sorbitol 6-phosphate dehydrogenase in Prunus (Rosaceae) Amer. J

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Chris Gottschalk and Steve van Nocker

than that within M . × domestica suggests potential for genetic improvement of M . × domestica through wide (interspecific) crosses. We noted that the three accessions of the Malus species native to the study area, M. ioensis , were markedly

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Shujun Zhou, Xin Tan, Liqin Fang, Jia Jian, Ping Xu, and Guoliang Yuan

genic balance to endosperm development in interspecific crosses Theor. Appl. Genet. 57 5 9 Karlov, G.I. Khrustaleva, L.I. Lim, K.B. van Tuyl, J.M. 1999 Homoeologous recombination in 2n-gamete producing interspecific hybrids of Lilium (Liliaceae

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Angela R. Davis, Amnon Levi, Antonia Tetteh, Todd Wehner, Vincent Russo, and Michel Pitrat

comprise <2% of the Citrullus species PI collection. P. fistulosus is distantly related to the genus Citrullus ( Levi et al., 2005 ); it has a chromosome number of n = x = 12, while Citrullus has n = x = 11 and no interspecific crosses have

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Haiyan Xu, Folian Li, Yuezhi Pan, and Xun Gong

decolorization, soaking in embedding medium, and application of polylysine could be treated as an alternative or more extensive applications to the traditional paraffin sectioning method for the embryological studies of Michelia species. The interspecific cross

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Justin A. Schulze, Jason D. Lattier, and Ryan N. Contreras

characteristics, culture, propagation and uses. 6th ed. Stipes Publishing, Champaign, IL Eeckhaut, T. De Keyser, E. Van Huylenbroeck, J. De Riek, J. Van Bockstaele, E. 2007 Application of embryo rescue after interspecific crosses in the genus Rhododendron Plant